How is snoring dangerous? Why does it need to be treated immediately?

Have you ever heard other people snore when you sleep over at your friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend’s house? Snoring is a silent threat which is very dangerous because snoring results in sleep apnea. Anyone who has friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents or people around you who snore when they sleep should read this content. Today, we will take a look at the causes of snoring and how dangerous it is and why it has to be treated immediately.

The causes of snoring.

Snoring is caused by the upper respiratory tract getting narrowed which is caused by the relaxing of organs and muscles when we’re in a very deep sleep. One of the relaxing organs is the organs inside our mouth, whether it’s a soft palate, pharyngeal wall, root of the tongue, and uvula. These muscles relax and drop which blocks the airway, narrowing the upper airway down, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the body, causing the organs in a mouth to flap. When the muscles flutter, causing the snoring sound.

How dangerous is snoring?

There are two forms of snoring: normal snoring and dangerous snoring.

  • Normal snoring: It is snoring that affects people around you to be annoyed and not have enough sleep but does not have a serious effect on your body because it is a drop of muscle that comes down and closes in part but is not completely closed, allowing some air to enter the body. The consequence of this kind of snoring might be a dry throat when you wake up.
  • Dangerous snoring: It is a condition of muscle in the mouth or neck that has become more drop down, narrowing the upper airway until it is completely closed. This type of snoring does not have muscle vibrations. There are intermittent snoring sounds, so people who sleep with them need to notice. If these symptoms occur, be aware that there is a need for treatment due to the chance of sleep apnea to occur and there may be other complications such as vascular disease, heart attack, etc. If they are already a heart patient, it increases the chance of death.

Primary Snoring Resolutions on Your Own

  1. Change the sleeping posture by adjusting the head higher than the body or lying on the side because lying on one’s back causes most snoring.
  2. Regular exercise will make the muscles in the respiratory tract stronger, reducing the problem of drooping and blocking the airway.
  3. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.
  4. Avoid sleepy drugs.

Primary snoring Resolution with treatment

  1. Using a CPAP air compressor will be the first method chosen by the doctor. It will compress air through the nose into the neck, preventing airway constriction.
  2. Use dental crowns. In some people who cannot use air compressors, doctors will use them as a tool to pull the lower jaw to raise the base of the tongue to expand the airway.
  3. There are many forms of surgery, such as tonsil surgery, base of tongue surgery, Jaw Surgery & Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, or using radio waves, etc.

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