“White Cheesewood” winter flowers that make us dizzy.

Welcome to winter! (Is it really ‘winter’?) We usually get very dizzy when the winter comes because of White Cheesewood. It might have a beautiful name but the smell of it is as bad as the devil. You can smell the scent of it even though you are sitting in the car. Some people recommend cutting it but some people may find some benefit in the White Cheesewood. SO, let’s get to know more about White Cheesewood through this content!

Let’s get to know about “White Cheesewood”

White Cheesewood or devil tree have the scientific name called “Alstonias scholaris.” White Cheesewood blooms in bouquets only once a year. In the late winter rain, their smell is everywhere. Especially at night when the smell is really strong, causing many people to be allergic to its smell and feel dizzy and vomiting. The White Cheesewood has a tall bush shape. The leaf is monocotyledon and oval-shaped and has an attenuate leaf base with a cuspidate leaf apex. The fruit is a long, slender 10-20 centimeter pod that blooms in clusters at the end of branches. It is yellowish-white and slightly green. The petals are elliptical and have internal feathers. It is a tree of Samut Sakhon as well.

White Cheesewood is an auspicious tree.

White Cheesewood not only has a strong smell but also has a shape like Chat Ta Ban, a high-end ceremonial instrument used in a procession. It’s believed to have a meaning of honor, king, and respect. The name that starts as “Chat or Sat”, also means moral and virtue. If planted, it will make people in the house respected by others.

The Legend of White Cheesewood

White Cheesewood also known as the Indian Devil Tree. Because of its strong odor, it is not preferred to be planted at home. In India, White Cheesewood is believed to be the living commonplace of evil spirits. By giving off a strong pungent smell, it spells people to sleep and may never wake up again. Another legend in India is that there was a giant disguised as a beautiful girl who compelled the young man to sleep and eat. When this giant appeared, it often came with the scent of Phaya Sutthaban or White Cheesewood, causing that young man to get into a mood swing. The Indian people named this tree “Yaksi Tree”(meaning Giant).

The acrid smell of White Cheesewood flowers

Research has shown that the smell of White Cheesewood causes headaches. The smell of White Cheesewood flowers is caused by linalool, which increases the functioning of the nervous system in the brain and causes headaches, and arouses the urge to vomit in those allergic to these substances. If smelled for a long period, it may cause tears and snot as well. But not everyone dislikes the smell of flowers. For some people, they may like the scent of it or some may simply have no feelings.

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