Do you have any? 6 apps that calculate income and expenses

A record of income and expenses help us to know daily expenses, including helping to have a better plan for savings for the future. Today, ACU PAY would like to introduce apps to calculate income and expenses for those who have never recorded their income and expenses before or those who want to have a tool to easily record theirs. These apps will make a record of income and expenses more amusing and interesting. 

1. Happy Money

This app was established by SET or Stock Exchange of Thailand. There are 3 highlights in this app. The first one is it will tell users which categories they have spent money on the most and how to reduce that spending. The second one is that users will know their financial status from a record of assets and debt. They can update their current status of assets and debt information to compare the current financial status with the past. The last one is that users can learn about their financial health. Happy Money will also provide financial health information, assets, debts, income, and expenses, as well as financial planning advice.

2. Piggipo

A Great app created by Thai People. There are 2 main functions in this app; a normal wallet and a credit card wallet. There are additional features for users if they subscribe such as a wallet with multiple slots and unlimited storage. A credit card wallet will provide the outlook of credit card usage in an instant and an interest calculation function for the minimum interest of the installment payment. For the normal wallet, people can add any information, and the app will calculate and present it in a chart, including exporting the file in Excel form. This app meets both the general public’s and the credit card enthusiasts’ needs.

3. Metang

Financial app developed by Thai people. Users can create several accounts in the app such as cash accounts, deposits, and credit cards. There is also a budget system to plan the budget. Highlights of this app is that income and expenses can be recorded by voice-over. In addition, revenue and expenditure can be saved to an excel file.

4. Wallet Story

Another free and easy-to-use app. This app provides many features such as income and expenditure categories, set savings targets, debt replication, bank accounts, credit cards, and even add pictures. The function can be chosen to be detailed, in-depth, or simple. The income and expenses record can be printed in paper form as well.

5. Fortune City - Expense Tracker

This application is suitable for those who do not like simple things such as graphs and numbers. Fortune City, an app that simulates users’ wallets into cities. When they add something to their expenses, they become stores.The app will have a function for us to upgrade stores and increase the population of the city by collecting the diamonds from the game. If the users can’t wait, they can buy diamonds in the game as well.  Users can also go into the friends’ cities, and they can also look at the income statement backwards in a regular graph.

6. Money Lover

There are 4 wallet functions in this app; Basic Wallet, Linked Wallet, Goal Wallet and Credit Wallet which meet the needs of various types of users. Let’s start with the Basic Wallet, basic savings wallets focus on self-recording and display them as charts. The second one is Linked  wallet, a wallet that is directly connected to the banks. The application will be automatically entered via the app. This feature requires additional subscription fees. The third one is Goal Wallet, the savings-loving feature is used to set savings goals according to the period the users set. The last one is Credit Card Wallet, which is used to record credit card spending, especially in response to the problem of confusing card payment dates, which can be terminated in a single app.

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