Interesting High-end handbag to invest

People not only buy High-end handbags just because of preference but also because they see the opportunities to invest, make a profit, or resell them in the future. Such as the purchase of classic models, rare models, or the collection of some models over time, the prices will increase and the profit will be increased several times. Today ACU will introduce some interesting High-end handbag brands to invest in. 


HERMÈS MINI KELLY 20 is considered one of the leading High-end handbags which is worthwhile to invest in 2023. With the immortal design and excellent quality of sewing, HERMÈS MINI KELLY 20 is highly demanded in the second-handed high-end handbag market. In 2022, this model achieved the highest profit and the auction price was up to 20,000 – 40,000 US dollars (approximately 1,360,000 baht) while the present price is around 8,500 US dollars (approximately 290,000 baht) and the brand received a maximum return of 200 – 300%. HERMÈS MINI KELLY 20 was launched in 1930 and is still popular until now.


A Nylon bag with Mini Hobo design and PRADA RE-EDITION 2000 bag was launched in 2000 for the first time. With the current Y2K trend, the 90’s design handbags are popular again. This model of Prada bag is in the middle price range compared to other brands, but with a vintage design and the 90’s vibe, this handbag will surely be worth investing in in the future.


The most classic and iconic back goes to VINTAGE CHANEL CLASSIC FLAP. The older this bag is, the more it increases in price. At present, the value of a Chanel handbag is up to 85% of its original price. That’s why vintage Chanel bags are still one of the investment options. In addition, in 2022 Chanel bags went up as much as 21% and are expected to rise further in the future.


CELINE CLASSIC BOX BAG is a popular Quiet luxury product(High-end brands but do not show their Logo) among women. The design is simple but luxurious so it can be used on many occasions whether for work or for casual use. The bag was first introduced in 2011 and remains one of the most sought-after Celine bag styles till today.


BOTTEGA VENETA the Cassette model is a bag with the aura of fashion in the 90’s. The leather of the bag is unique because the Cassette bag was made using a special weaving technique called “Intrecciato” This technique makes thin leather more durable, and this is why this handmade bag is much longer in making than other brands. 

While many businesses have been affected by Covid-19 and the economic downturn, bags and High-end products have not been affected as much as other markets. It turns out that High-end brand sales have been increasing over the past year, but it is important to invest in High-end bags and to understand the sources of purchase, sales, inspection methods, and even laws and taxes.

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