Recommended Credit Card for New Graduated

Today, ACU Pay would like to recommend the first credit card for anyone who is a new graduate or the first jobber looking for the first credit card for themself which is at least 20 years old and the minimum income is 15,000 baht per month. Let’s get started!

1. Citi Cash Back

a credit card that meets the needs of office workers. This card is suitable for office workers who go to work by Electric Train and spend at a convenience store because you will receive 1-10% cash back from all of your spending without any complicated conditions of receiving cash back.


  • A 10% Credit Cash back when used at Electric Train (via LinePay and Package Purchase via Rabbit Rewards), MRT Train and Cafe Amazon.
  • A 5% Credit Cash back when used at 7-11, Grab and Watson
  • A 1% Credit Cash back from other spendings
  • A 1% Cash back every 800 baht per slip when used at Shell Station nationwide.  
  • Free the first entrance fee

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2. Krungsri First Choice Visa Platinum

It is suitable for people who like to pay installments because they have low-interest rates and a wide range of installments, including credit cards, product installments and cash cards.


  • A 0% interest rate installment for 3 months or an indulgent installment for 3-10 months with a special interest rate.
  • Cash back up to 3% or 15,000 baht.
  • Special discounts for restaurants, insurance premiums, fuel refilling, department stores, home decoration, airline flights, etc.
  • Privileges in birth month
  • Free the first entrance and annual fee

More Details https://www.firstchoice.co.th/th/Home.html 

3. KTC Visa Platinum

This credit card is perfect for travelers because This is because the card offers a wide range of privileges and benefits worldwide, as well as insurance for domestic and international travel.


  • Receive 1 KTC FOREVER point for 25 baht when spent by card
  • A 0% interest rate of installment for goods and services up to 10 months.
  • Superior Privileges from Visa Platinum Privillages all over the world
  • Travel Accidental Damage coverage for 8 Million Baht
  • Free the first entrance and annual fee for a lifetime. 

More Details https://www.ktc.co.th/credit-card/generic/ktc-visa-platinum 

4. ttb So Fast

This card is for people who love to collect points, trade points and collect rewards. This credit card will give points quite fast. If you spend 10 baht, you can earn one point, which is quite different from other credit cards that usually give you 20-25 baht.


  • 1 point for 10 baht spending
  • Choose to share 0% interest rate of installment for three months for all spending.
  • Free travel accident insurance coverage.
  • Free the first entrance and annual fee

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5. UOB YOLO Platinum Credit Card

This card is perfect for urban lifestyle who shop at popular shops and frequently use BTS and MRT trains. This card focuses on cash back, not focus on points, because customers can get up to 15% cash back which can save them a lot of money each month.


  • A 15% Credit Cashback when spent via card for 5 times and each time is at least 300 baht spent at Shell Station, BTS train, MRT train, 7-11, Booth, Watson, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Burger King, Shopee, Grab, Baskin Robbins and Ticket Melon.
  • A 1% Credit Cash back when spent less than 5 times and each times is less than 300 baht per Shell Station slip
  • Customers will be entitled to purchase a movie ticket at SF cinemas through 1 seat card and 1 seat free of charge.
  • 0% installment for 3 months for the travel and online sectors

More Details https://www.uob.co.th/yolo/

Those are the recommended credit cards for the first jobbers. More importantly, before applying for a credit card, you should first understand what kind of card you use and what privileges you have in your spending style.

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