5 Financial Podcasts for Knowledge and Enjoyment

Many of you might have a headache when it comes to Finance and Investment.  It seems like a far-reaching thing in daily life and a lot of jargon, but what if we have people who teach us simple financial techniques and investments like a friend telling us a story? ACU PAY would like to introduce 5 podcasts about finance that no matter how low your background is, you can understand and enjoy managing money.

1. The Money Case By The Money Coach

Easy-to-understand Podcast. You will learn and think through actual cases and experience from Coach Noom,  Jakkapong Mespun (The Money Coach). The message sent by the house is a podcast that sounds fun, easy to understand, and also has a lot of knowledge. You can learn from a variety of professional cases, people who don’t know about finance can understand it with a very short podcast length, which is definitely not boring.



2. Invest Man

A familiar name which many people might have heard from Facebook Page which developed to be a Financial and Investment Podcast. Discuss the overall economic and business information and world events in an easy-to-understand way according to the program’s concept “The best investment is to invest your knowledge.”



3. FINNOMENA Podcast

FINNOMENA Podcast is recommended for Anyone who wants to plan their finances one step further. A comprehensive investment management platform with the same name will analyze and update interesting investment, stock and mutual fund news. In addition, people who love to invest should not miss “Morning Brief” the channel broadcast on Monday to Friday which updates finds from all over the world.

4. Life must go on because of a lot of loans.

This provides advice to pay off debt without ruining your life by Kam-Khanchanok Wutthikul. The content will focus on debt and case study in various daily life situations such as the cautions about a 0% interest installment, a guaranty and loan shark. 



5. Science of Investment

Recommended for people who start to learn about investment from the basic to advanced level, including receiving some tips and techniques in investment such as deposit money in investor’s style, what figures should be considered in stock group analysis and the way to to observe company stocks in case of internal irregularities.



Age does not matter for people who want to learn and understand financial planning. As long as we are open-minded enough to learn and start to plan how to use money, it is enough for us to deal with every economic situation smoothly, with stability in finance.  

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