History of “Global Brand”

Many people see many of the global brands as very wealthy and successful in their businesses. Little did they know what those global brands had to overcome before the success as we see today. 

1. Channel: An incomplete family is not a burden to Success

Ladies might be familiar with this brand. Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel was born on August 19, 1883 in Maine-et-Loire in the western. This baby has no clue what she had to deal with. There were always conflicts in the family, especially between their parents, to the extent that families had to “try” to be good for their children in the first period. However, after her mother died, 12-years-old Coco and her 2 girl siblings were sent to an orphanage, but no one expected this to be the beginning of the greatest. She spent her time at the orphanage learning about embroidery and kept studying the fabric as well as the materials to accumulate the experience. Later, Coco at the age of 18 worked for a shop for clothes that specialize in various fabrics. This was an initial factor which influenced in developing to the finest. With skill and hard work, this girl is gradually getting better status and better education.

The brand’s development continued, and the brand’s signature suit was born in the ’20s when Coco met the Duke of Westminster. It has resulted in clothes with an immortal vibe from the Elite British clothes. Later, The Little Black Dress, one of the immortal masterpieces, was created around the same time. The dress turned out to be a legendary dress which has never faded out from fashion. Her intelligence made her life at the age of 40-50 prosperous. Channel has 4 business lines, including Fashion House, Cloth and Textile Materials, Perfume and Custom-Made Jewelly. This woman’s brilliance made her 30s so hot that she designed the show the way she made it, even movies that started using this brand’s craftsmanship went all the way to Hollywood.

2. Nike: From agent to self-manufacture and distribution.

Speaking of Sport Brands, this brand will pop up in your mind. The history goes back to World War II. Sportswear brands that have grown in Japan are Onitsuka Tiger. It became famous in the United States as well because American soldiers who were stationed in Japan also brought Onitsuka Tiger shoes back to the country. This is the inspiration for the Nike brand. At the time, university students of Oregon needed good sports shoes to use in the competition. The university coaches and athletes at the time saw that the best quality shoes were the Onitsuka  Tiger. In 1964, the coach said that if we were to travel to Japan and request to be the only shoe dealer in the United States with Mr. Onitsuka’s consent. This was the beginning of Nike’s establishment of an Original company of Nike called Blue Ribbon Sport, or BRS, in 1964. In the first year, 1,300 pairs were sold, earning 1,000 US dollars. Later in the early 70s, the representative contract between Blue Ribbon Sport and Onitsuka Tiger was nearly out of contract. Therefore, the shoes were cut into pieces to see how the shoes were produced. The brand name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. The goal is that the Nike brand must not only be for sports but also for fashion.

3. Gucci: From an observant hotel employee to a world-famous brand.

The founder of the brand is Guccio Gucci. It all started from working in a hotel in London. Gucci was obsessed with a suitcase of guests at the hotel. Finally, he decided to go back to his hometown in Florence, Italy and owned a leather goods store. When the company was passed down to his son, Aldo Gucci, Gucci products were sold all over the world. Aldo decided to open the second Gucci store in Rome in the 1950s. After its success in Rome, Aldo decided to open a new branch in New York. 

The business was later passed to Paul’s son, Maurizio, who inherited only half of the business. He felt uncomfortable with the strangeness in the family and decided to take over the business altogether. He had the Invest Corp company acquire the remaining shares from his relatives. Paulo was the first person to sell his shares in his hand and eventually, Maurizio restored his poor business image with a key assistant, Domenico de Sole, his lawyer.

Marco Bizzarri, the current CEO of Gucci, announced that Gucci will stop using all genuine fur materials by 2018 starting with Collection Spring Summer. Marco stated that giving up fur is socially and environmentally responsible. He also sees fur products as obsolete, and that he could produce a lot of creative ideas and do well without using fur. For the previous collection, made from fur, Gucci will auction off the proceeds to the Humane Society International animal rights organization.

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