Don’t make ‘crow’ angry cuz it can recognize your face!

There was research stating that the intelligence of a crow is equal to a 7-year-old human which is much higher than a dog that has the intelligence as a 2-year-old human when compared. Let’s follow ACU PAY and see what a crow can do with this high intelligence.

Is it true that ‘crows’ can recognize your face?

Crows can recognize you for sure since there is research that confirms that crows can remember faces and recognize people through people’s posture. The crows can also learn whether people who walk in harm’s way or just walk past them. They will observe that if a person walks by them without making eye contact, they often stay still; but if someone walks up to them and makes eye contact, the crows fly away immediately.

There is also a study that crows can recognize individual faces with two groups of participants, each wearing a different mask. The first group was ordered to set a trap for crows to make them angry while the second group simply walked past the crows and did not make any reaction to them.

After five years, two groups of people came to the same park. The group that had set a trap for crows at that time was attacked by angry crows, on the other hand, there is nothing that happened to another group that had never harmed them. The study showed that crows not only recognize the people who attacked them but also pass information to other crows in the garden.

Crows know how to repay their gratitude

The fact that crows can recognize the faces of people who make them angry means that crows can remember those who are good to them. We’ve probably seen news or video clips of people feeding crows regularly, whether they’re cereals, fruits, dog or cat food, or leftovers. 

The special care for crows makes them recognize and trust. The crows also reward people who like to bring food with gifts they collect from different places, such as beads, keys, knots, earrings, and paper clips. The things that crows bring may seem worthless to us, but this is the best reward they can do.

Each animal has different intelligence, but crows are much smarter than any other regular birds. Thus, one day if you see a crow coming, be good to it, because if you do anything that gets it upset, that crow might tell its friends and you might have to face an unexpected consequence later

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