Easy way to deal with sunburns on your own.

Sunlight in Thailand is not a joke, especially in summer. I can feel myself burning under the sunlight for real. There is a possibility of “sunburn” for people who stay in places where the sun is very strong for a long time if they do not protect their skin well enough and cause the skin to darken, red or rough. Some of them may experience severe symptoms such as irritation and burning skin. Don’t worry if anyone is experiencing this problem because ACU Pay comes with a simple way to deal with sunburns on your own today.

Sunburn, a problem not to be overlooked.

Sunburn is a problem that many people understand that it can be left untreated and will be cured by itself, but it’s actually a false belief. When the skin is sunburned, UV rays are present in the sun and that rays will damage the skin, causing darkening of the skin, itching, and burning. The skin is peeled off and some people also have water blisters. If you leave it out, it weakens the damaged skin. It makes the skin easier to irritate things. The skin is more sensitive to sunlight and may have red black marks caused by water blisters.

What is the cause of sunburn?

Sunburn can occur for a variety of reasons, such as over-sunset environments, no shade, or places to hide from the sun. Our lifestyle, such as doing outdoor activities for a long period, does not apply sunblock or insufficient sunscreen. This causes ultraviolet rays to damage the skin and cause sunburn.

Easy way to deal with sunburns

1. Soothe the skin with cold compressions

Simply soaking the skin in cold water or taking a cold shower can reduce inflammation of the skin in the sun for a long time. Cold compressions can be done by yourself immediately after exposure to sunlight.

2. Recover the sunburned skin with aloe vera

Aloe vera can help to recover the burned skin. Aloe vera is one of the easiest and most effective ways to treat sunburn or sunburns. Simply apply a gel to the sunburn area every day for 10-15 minutes and clean it with cold water. The sunburned skin part will be restored, moistened, and improved skin irritation.

3. Applying cream or moisturizer

Moisturizing products such as facial cream or moisturizer will help prevent dryness, reduce the possibility of loss of moisture, reduce irritation, and improve sunburned skin.

4. Avoid scrubbing while having sunburn

If sunburn is still present, avoid scrubbing or scratching the skin first because it will make the area delicate, resulting in more likely irritation and burning pain than usual.

5. Avoid exposing to the sunlight

Another way to help cure sunburn is to avoid exposure to sunlight during periods of intense sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If unavoidable, it is recommended to wear sunscreen every time before leaving home to prevent severe sunburn or prevent skin damage. Especially those who already have sunburn because they are sensitive to sunlight, which can cause irritation.

Rehabilitation or coping should be accompanied by prevention. In addition to the handling method ACU brought you today, it is important to protect your skin whether it’s applying proper sunscreen, wearing a hat, or an umbrella to protect against sunlight when you go out of the house will help prevent sunburn more or less.

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