Electric cars are highly popular with the continuous rising in Sales

The trend of Battery Electric vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles (PHEV) in Thailand and globally is rising obviously in the past few years. Due to the fluctuating situation of world oil prices, and the idea to save the world and the environment, car users seek substitute energy to replace oil-powered cars in the future.

Even the owner of the car’s brand which dominates the market with high sales of oil-power cars has to get into the electric car market to continue the organization according to the change in consumers’ behavior.

The major factors that significantly influence the growth of electric car’s sales is the support policy from the Government. Especially in Europe which continues to be the top in sales growth, it is predicted that the total sales of electric cars will reach  13.3 million in 2030. Next is China and the U.S.A. which will have the total sales of electric cars at 12.0 million and 8.1 million in order.

The new markets which have a rise in electric car sales and significantly take a share in the global electric car market are other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. The total sales of electric cars is 6.9 million followed by India at 3.7 million and Japan at 2.8 million. 

It is estimated that the comparison of electric cars sales between 2030 and 2020 will show that the global electric car sales of BEV and PHEV cars will grow by 94% within 10 years. In 2020, the total number of BEV and PHEV electric cars sold is 3 million. In 2030, the total number of those 2 types of electric cars sold will reach 46.8 million. The BEV electric cars will take a share of the market by 34% of the total electric car sales from 4% in 2020. The figures are based on the conditions of implementation according to the Sustainable Development Scenario plan.

A report from Bangkok Motor Show 2023 showed that there are 42,885 electric cars booked after the end of the event. Compared to last year, the number of electric cars booked increased by 34.45%, which are BEV cars for 21.53% or 9,243. BYD brand has the highest number of electric car sales in the event with the number of cars booked at 2,737.

In addition, the electric-cars-related business which tends to grow and adapt themselves is Insurance Business. Insurance companies must provide insurance for electric carsElectric car part business such as Battery, Electric charging point business and an electric charging station tend to grow in the future. 

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