Plutophobia! The Fear of Being Rich.

It must be confusing at first because we think everybody wants to be rich and fear being poor. However, this phobia seems incredible and weird but it is real. You may not imagine how we fear being wealthy, so let’s get to know this phobia together.

Plutophobia, the fear of being wealthy.

Plutophobia is combined with 2 words which are Pluto that means god of Wealthy and phobia that means the ultimate fear of something. Therefore, Plutophobia means the fear of being rich.

What is Plutophobia caused by?

There is no explicit evidence of what causes Plutophobia. However, psychologically, it is assumed that the fear of wealth may be caused by a past embedded in childhood. It may not be a good memory and give off a bad vibe. The background of wealth might seem scary. Thus, they may be convinced that being rich is complicated and doesn’t make life happier. Some might be born into a rich family but their life wasn’t easy as it should be. They have to endure the discomfort or be patient with something to get the wealth. 

What are the symptoms of Plutophobia?

Here is the list of Plutophobia symptoms for you to check if this person has Plutophobia or not. 

  • Have great anxiety in the midst of rich people
  • Anxious and nervous when thinking about wealth
  • Have an idea to destroy their  own wealth
  • Choose a job for which the salary is not much
  • Do not care and even fear of the advance in their career
  • Believe in morals more than being rich
  • They do not trust and sometimes go against the rich.
  • Always complain or have a pessimistic view of the rich
  • Have a negative attitude toward wealth and money. For example,they think the donation of the rich to the poor is an act of concealment or recompense for what the rich have done instead of seeing the rich’s donation as a good sharing.
  • They think that having a lot of money is wrong and they feel guilty about it.

Can Plutophobia be cured?

There are many ways to treat phobia, and the treatment depends on the patient’s condition as well. The treatments are as follows:


The medicine that is used to treat Plutophobia patients is in the group of anxiety medication, antidepressants or sleeping pills. Doctors will prescribe a medication that will relieve the fear or reduce the patient’s problems. Medical Treatment will take some time for patients to recover and doctors have to adjust the medication until it is decent for patients. 


If the patients’ condition doesn’t get better by Medical Treatment, doctors put patients in psychotherapy with psychologists. Psychotherapy is done by talking, doing some tests or exchanging opinions with each other. This treatment will be done along with the medical treatments.

3.Facing the fear

The effective way for patients to recover is making them gradually feel familiar with their fear. Let them learn that it is nothing to be scared of. Psychologists and psychiatrists will create a suitable model for patients to gradually face their fears until they are no longer afraid.

Nevertheless, the fear which became phobia interferes with patients’ life. It may be an obstacle or problem in a way. If you notice that you are extremely afraid of something that makes you sweat, tremble, dizzy or fidget, you should consult a psychiatrist for proper treatment.

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