Plutophobia! The Fear of Being Rich.

It must be confusing at first because we think everybody wants to be rich and fear being poor. However, this phobia seems incredible and weird but it is real. You may not imagine how we fear being wealthy, so let’s get to know this phobia together.

How to start a rental condo?

People who have just entered the condominium rental industry may start with one or two rooms. The inexperienced have no idea how to begin. What to do if anyone who’s been doing condo for rent for a long time, but no one is interested in renting? Today we provide some tricks for a rental condo for those who are new in this industry.

What is a Romance Scam?

Everyone wants to have good love and be with someone who is perfect for them. Online platform is a popular option for people who do not have much time for a face-to-face date. However, there is a love relationship where criminals disguised themselves and deceived people on online platforms. Here are tips to observe if a person you are talking to is a Romance Scam or not.

Can’t pay for car installments anymore! Refinance can help!

Car installment is one of the monthly expenses that most people have to pay. It might be easy to pay for all the expenses in that month but suddenly you cannot afford to pay for car installment anymore! The late installment payment caused the interest to rise which made you feel uneasy. Today we are going to find out if it is possible for the car under installment to refinance.