How to start a rental condo?

People who have just entered the condominium rental industry may start with one or two rooms. The inexperienced have no idea how to begin. What to do if anyone who’s been doing condo for rent for a long time, but no one is interested in renting? Today we provide some tricks for a rental condo for those who are new in this industry.

Steps for doing a rental condo are as follows;

1.Decorate room appropriate to the target group.

“Well image is half done” but there is no need to use luxury decoration.  The room should be decorated to look good, clean, with a pleasant tone of color, with necessary furniture and electrical appliances such as  Refrigerator, TV, washing machine, microwave, smoke inhaler, electric stove etc. Decoration style might depend on the tenants. For example, if your condo is located near an educational institution, your room should be decorated with cute and minimal style and a space for studying. You can decorate in a modern style to impress foreigners if your condo is located near them.  A single person might need something simple but a family might need a condo with a little more space. Thus, we should study the tenants first before the decoration.

2. A good picture to impress

Picture of the condo is the first thing that can attract tenants. You should take a picture at a good angle with good technique. The picture should be as real as the present condition of your condo to avoid disappointing tenants when they come to check out your condo. You can use your phone’s camera to take a picture. It would be better if you can set the camera to be in wide lens mode because this will make your room look wider. You shouldn’t take the angle down or raise your camera up to the ceiling, because it will distort the picture, and you can’t get all the details. Daytime is a perfect time to take a picture because of the natural light. You can add your view from your room as well to impress tenants such as city view, garden view or swimming pool view. 

3.A decent price

You should set the price according to your surroundings. You should not set the price much different from the opponent’s. You can go check the average price by visiting a condo for rent website and other condo projects. You tend to have temanent more easily if you set your rental fee as the same amount as others.

4.Ways to announce to tenants

There are plenty of ways to do so. The most popular way is announced on online platforms such as  Condominium rental websites. You should pick the website with credibility and popularity. Another popular way is Facebook groups related to rental condos and tenants, specific groups in the location area such as “Ratchada Rental Condominium” make the searchers more specific. The last recommended way is through a credible broker or Condo Juristic Person in case tenants will directly come to the condominium project.

5.A lease

An important thing in a rental condo is a lease. The contract must be clear, the lease payment date must be set, and the deposit amount must be kept 1 month or 2-3 months in advance. The terms of stay should be clearly defined, understood, and signed by both parties. In case there is any problem in the future, it can be used to sue the law to solve the problems.

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