What is a Romance Scam?

Everyone wants to have good love and be with someone who is perfect for them. Online platform is a popular option for people who do not have much time for a face-to-face date. However, there is a love relationship where criminals disguised themselves and deceived people on online platforms. Here are tips to observe if a person you are  talking to is a Romance Scam or not. 

What is a Romance Scam?

This word is combined with Romance which means love or something romantic, and Scam which means tricks. Therefore, this word means using romantic things to deceive someone. In fact, they are criminals who communicate through social media or dating apps. Making a good profile with a good-looking picture and career to create credibility and make victims fall in the trap with sweet talk etc. After that, they will make up many excuses to get money from the victims. 

How to know if it is a Romance Scam?

The first thing to notice is their profile pic. Normally, it is not their own picture but someone else who is handsome or pretty. The profile picture can be a well-known actor/actress, high society people or good-looking people. Also, they will make up their background to be good such as good family background, wealthy family, big business owner who are looking for their life partner to attract victims. If victims are trapped, the first step of romance scammers is they try to get close to you or they will use rhetoric or so sweet-mouthed that the victims believe that they have found the right person to marry. Thus, you should suspect if you talk to someone who is always overacting.

Tricks that Romance Scammers use to deceive victims


  • Fake that they or their relatives are sick and really in need of money for treatment. They promise to pay your money back as soon as they can.
  • Fake that they will marry you only if you give the money for them as a transportation fare.
  • Fake to be an investor and invite you to invest together.
  • Fake that they have sent some high value things for you but it cannot pass the customs so you need to send money as a fee to receive your package. 
  • Have never turned on their camera while video calling with you.

How to check if it is a Romance Scam?

The easiest thing is to search Google Images to find out who the owner of the photo is. If Social followers are few and there is no movement, you can assume that as a Romance Scam.

What to do if you have already been deceived?

Here is the advice from the Service center, Technology Crime Suppression Division.

  1. Gather all evidence as much as you can such as social media photos, transfer slip, history of chat, criminal information, including personal information and a copy of  ID card.
  2. In the event of damage to reputation or property, evidence of a crime shall be prepared.
  3. Bring the evidence to the local police station or complain directly to the relevant authorities.

What agency can the Romance Scam victim contact?

  1. Information Technology Crime Suppression Center, Royal Thai Police Hotline:1155
  2. Service center, Technology Crime Suppression Division Tel:02-142-2556
  3. Technology and Information Case Division, Department of Special Investigation Tel:0-2831-9888
  4. Online Complaint Center Hotline:1212

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