Face-swelling Reduce Techniques in Chinese Girls’ Style

No need to worry anymore if you are dealing with swollen faces that make you feel insecure about yourself because this time, ACU PAY will recommend face-swelling reduction techniques from Chinese girls. You will have a v-shape face like those Chinese girls for sure if you follow these techniques.


1. Tie rubber bands around one’s ears

You may wonder why we have to tie our ears with rubber bands and how it helps, right? However, Nene Pornnappan, a Thai solo artist who gained her fame from the CHUANG 2020, once said on a TV program that a secret to the beauty of Chinese girls which will help reduce swollen faces is to tie their ears with rubber bands. She said that she would tie her ears loosely to help reduce swollen faces in the morning.

2. Drink swelling-reduce tea

Most Chinese girls drink herbal tea at every meal. Although the taste of it may not be tasty, drinking tea will brighten and strengthen our skin, especially green tea. There is a study in 2022 found that drinking at least 4 glasses of green tea reduces the risk of obesity in women by as much as 44%.

Since green tea contains a substance called EGCG which is a substance in the Polyphenols group, it inhibits the function of lipase enzymes that digest fatty foods and also inhibits LCAT enzymes that break down cholesterol. Therefore, the body absorbs less bad fat (LDL) or cholesterol and removes it from the body more easily.

3. Face massage with ice

Although ice massaging helps reduce swelling, rubbing ice directly on the face may cause the skin to be exposed to the cold too much, drawing too much natural oil out of the skin which can be harmful to people with dry and easily allergic skin. Therefore, it is better to have something in between the ice and the face skin, such as paper, or cloth to cover the ice, or use a freezing roller instead.

A cold compress should be done only once a day for about 5-10 minutes to limit cold exposure. When applying ice on the face, gently rub it on the skin in circles all over your face areas such as the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. It will help the blood flow to the circulation of face skin better, brighten it, and reduce swelling under the eyes.

4. Face massage with Gua Sha

A face massage tool like Gua Sha is also a popular item among Chinese girls. Chinese girls believe that using Gua Sha on the face increases the circulation and production of molecules against wrinkles, collagen, and elastin, and also helps detoxify, and lymph. The materials used to make Gua Sha are rose quartz, jade, amethyst, stainless steel, and bian stone. How to massage the face with Gua Sha: Apply cream to make the skin slippery, then sweep the Gua Sha from the chin to the ridge of the jaw and ear, move behind the earring, and go down to the neck, repeat 3 times. Use the appropriate and effective Gua Sha. This should be done once or twice a week.

5. Exercise the muscles in one's face

A person’s face has the same muscle mass as other parts. The facial muscles exercise can help reduce the size of the face. According to the study, two facial exercises a day for 8 weeks continuously help make the face shorter and smaller and make the face look younger.

The recommended face exercise is to do a ‘Fish Face’ by sucking both cheeks and pucker up. You can do it frequently.

All of these are tips on Chinese girls’ beauty that help make their faces look less swollen and have more compacted faces. We can apply these techniques as we like. Those who have tried out these techniques already, do not forget to let me know.

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