How to Survive a Fire

A fire is an unexpected emergency, whether it’s an electrical short-circuit, or an electricity leak caused by the chemical that caused the fire. The more events we see on the news, the more we need to know how important it is to learn about a fire incident. No matter who, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of how to survive a fire to use when it occurs because we cannot predict when it is going to happen. Let’s take a look at how to survive a fire.

How to Survive a Fire

  • Consciousness: The key to survive when a fire occurs is consciousness. Do not panic. Try to keep calm and take yourself out of the fireplace quickly. If you are near to the fire alarm, push the alarm to notify others or shout out to let other people know.
  • Take your accessories off: whether it is a watch, earrings, bracelet, or necklace because these accessories absorb the heat. When they are overheated, they can cause blisters or burn the skin.
  • Cover your nose with a wet towel: or cover your body if you have a big tower and get out of the fireplace.
  • Do not open the door immediately: In case you are in a room, try touching the door to see if it is hot or not. If you can feel the heat, it means there is a fire outside so you need to block the smoke to enter your room with clothes or something else and try to find another way to get out of the room or shout out for help.
  • Avoid using elevator or escalator: Using stairs instead of elevators or escalators. Or try to get to the blind spot to not get burned.
  • Do not hide in the toilet: Many people think that water can put out fire, but there is not enough water to put out fire in a fire incident.

3 steps to do if you or your clothes are on fire.

In case there is a fire and the fire spreads to your body or your clothes, the first thing you should do is take off your clothes. It is recommended not to surge your clothes immediately because clothes absorb heat. When you snatch your clothes, some part of the clothes might attach to your skin and peel your skin off with clothes. Following are the 3 steps to do when you or your clothes are on fire.

Step 1: Stop running because running will make the wind pass, making the fire on you and your clothes stronger.
Step 2: Laying down on the ground would help stop the fire from spreading to other parts of your body and clothing.
Step 3: Roll or roll over to the floor until the fire is put out.

Emergency phone number when the fire broke out.

You can call the officer at 199 to report the location, names of buildings, villages, and hotels of the accident. In case you don’t know where this is, use a pay phone or a desk phone, and the staff will search for GPS on the phone we called. If there is a problem that cannot be reached by yourself, ask for help from people around you.

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