Free courses from MOOC.PSU to improve salarymen’s skills

Hi there Salarymen, let’s spare some time to upgrade skills and knowledge to be used in the workplace, shall we? This time, ACU Pay has selected an interesting online course from the MOOC PSU website, Prince of Songkla University. Each course has helped us develop a lot of soft skills and hard skills. In addition, it is free of charge and also has a certificate. Are there any good courses to take? Let’s go check it out.

Leading When You Are Not In Charge

Who says leadership isn’t important? In fact, leadership is embedded in all the responsibilities that we are responsible for and in human nature as well. This course will strengthen leadership skills in all assigned roles, including bringing out their own capabilities to enable team systems and tasks to be effectively achieved.


Digital Citizen

Today we’re almost a part of the digital world, but some of us still lack knowledge. This course will help build understanding in the digital world, appropriate use of digital technology, security management in the digital world, as well as digital communication and awareness to realize changes.


Global Design Thinking

This course will provide basic knowledge on product & service design innovation, life design, using the principles “Innovative Design Thinking” and “Growth Mindset” to increase the opportunity for learners to understand themselves more and to use the knowledge they have gained to develop new ideas in living and innovation for society.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another interesting topic in the era when we use online media, courses that provide digital marketing education, business planning, and understanding, as well as analyzing data to improve and develop business in the era of digital marketing.


Analysis and presentation of business information

Analyzers and presenters should not miss this course. This course will provide information insight, working with data using the Data Visualization Pipeline process, data preparation and cleaning for analysis, report design and selection of charts appropriate for the purpose, and business report generation with interactive reports.


Professional work in an organization

This course will help us become professional employees, get to know ourselves, skills needed in the 21st century, find the right job, basic business management principles, executive expectations for employees, organizational culture, effective communication, teamwork, good coaching, and continuous learning from persuasion and follow-up.


Human resource management in transition situations

This course will teach the meaning and role of human resources management, including job analysis, manpower planning, personnel management, recruitment and selection, employee training, remuneration and welfare, and performance evaluation under changing circumstances.



It’s one of the courses that everyone should learn about personal income tax. This course will tell you about the source of income, the income that must be filed for taxation, tax deductions, and personal income tax returns.


Master of Ceremonies (Anyone can be)

MC is another skill that can be used in any professional field. This course will help build confidence and enhance our career. This course will help us develop more knowledge and skills as MCs.


Good mind, happy life

In addition to good physical condition, mental condition must be good as well. This course will help us have basic psychological concepts to understand and recognize differences between individuals. There is a cognitive concept that helps learners understand that individuals can have different perspectives and can coexist.


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