Are you stressed? Try relieving the stress with Home Organization

Many people have different ways of relieving stress, whether they do yoga, listen to music or go to parties. For many others, carrying a broomstick, wiping, cleaning the bathroom, and tidying up the room is also a way to manage stress. Did you know that cleaning is as beneficial to mental health as doing mental management activities? How does housekeeping help manage stress? Let’s hear it.

A messy house reflects the human's self

Imagine if we came back from work, we wanted to see a room full of socks on the floor, unwrapped clothes on the bed, a sink full of unwashed dishes or neat rooms, clean floors, and no messes. Which one would make you happier?

Psychologically, the surrounding environment affects our mental state more than we think, especially our own home environment. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and theorist, once said that the house has symbolic meaning and is more important to the mind than just a physical shelter. Home also reflects the human self, so the way we make space to live is connected to our mental state.

Mess makes you feel more stressful ห

The mess gives us bad moods like tension and frustration. On the other hand, cleanliness causes good mental health and helps us to stay calm and focus on our work.

According to a study conducted by Princeton University, it is difficult for residents to concentrate or focus on their work in front of them if things in their house are not kept in the proper place. The research explains that humans are easily distracted if the visual cortex is disturbed by objects that are not associated with face-to-face tasks, such as scattered items on the floor or sundries on the table, resulting in reduced performance.

In other words, those messy things are like the tasks that are not being done yet, and the feeling that nothing is done will lead to stress, especially for those who easily get anxious. 

When other problems are out of control, at least the house is clean

Home organizing not only helps reduce negative feelings or help us focus more on our work but also increases our sense of control. Especially when we’re having a hard time creating new ideas or stressed about the problems around us or everything seems to get out of the plan, but at least we can control the environment in our room by arranging where the items should be or moving them to where they should be, so that when you see an orderly room, you can feel comfortable and relieve stress.

Cleaning stimulates endorphins

House cleaning is also another exercise that helps the body release endorphins, stimulating positive feelings and emotions in the body, and relieving pain, stress, and anxiety. Cleaning will benefit both our physical and mental health as long as these chores require at least 30 minutes of physical activity.

House cleaning develops relationships

When you see someone’s dirty clothes around, unwashed dishes, or messy bathrooms can cause dissatisfaction with people living together and negative feelings, so having a conversation, sharing responsibility, and cleaning up the living space will help maintain relationships and build positive feelings.

It can be seen that organizing a house can relieve stress and change our mood, making us feel that when we are in trouble or whatever it is, at least we can keep the house tidy. Also, house cleaning is comparable to exercise and helps maintain relationships with people in the home. Now when you’re stressed out, try sweeping the floor, scrubbing the bathroom, or re-cornering your house so that things can move in a corner that you like, you will feel relaxed and it can create a little happiness in your life easily.

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