History of Boba Tea! Favorite menu of all time

The boba tea is one of many people’s favorites, and it is also an all-time popular menu that comes with the sweet and chewy boba. The popularity of Boba tea resulted in many Boba Milk Tea shops opening recently. However, do you know the origin of the boba tea and who invented this delicious menu? Today, let’s get to know about the history of Boba Tea, a favorite menu of all time!

What is Boba Tea?

Boba tea or Bubble Tea is a sweet iced drink which consists of tea or fruit tea, milk and boba that add a more delicious flavor to the drink. The boba is made of tapioca starch, cocoa, and red sugar. You can mix and mold it into small pellets, then boil it until it is cooked. The Boba will be chewy and sweet which is from the red sugar. Nowadays, milk tea recipes have been adapted to fit the era such as banana milk tea, cocoa milk tea, and taro milk tea along with a variety of toppings from boba, jelly, whipped cream, and pudding to be selected as well.

The History of Boba Tea

The origin of Boba Tea is in Taiwan in 1980 at Chun Shui Tang Teahouse in Taichung City which is the first teahouse that invented milk tea. It all started when Ms. Lin Hsiu Hui (Product Development Manager) poured a small piece of dessert in a tea during a meeting and tasted it. The tea turned out to be delicious with a mellow and sweet taste. She then convinced people in the meeting to try it and everyone agreed that it was delicious. Thus, they decided to sell it and widely received a lot of attention which resulted in a great sale that broke records of other drinks. The Boba was invented by Mr. Tu Tsung ho at Han Lin Teahouse in Tainan, Taiwan. He put white tapioca pellets in tea which make those tapioca pallets look like pearls. That’s why people first call it “Pearl Milk Tea” Nowadays, Boba tea is a popular beverage that received good responses. Boba tea originated in Thailand in 2001, but with the limitation of taste at that time, the trend of boba tea was not very good until 2011. The trend of boba tea began to return and grow rapidly due to a new menu adapted from boba tea as well with many toppings to choose from. In addition, Boba Tea is also in good and pretty packaging which is why it is popular. 

Excessive drinking of Boba tea can adversely affect the body, including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. The right amount of boba tea should be eaten. It may be necessary to reduce the level of sweetness in it, or if you drink too much milk tea on days, you may have to reduce your food.

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