How to Exercise to Strengthens Lungs

Besides the heart, lungs are also important organs in our bodies. The primary function of the lungs is to exchange oxygen gas from the environment into the body’s blood system and exchange carbon dioxide in our blood system out of the body into the environment. However, there was a period when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred which made many people worry whether they would be infected or not. If they were infected, what level of severity were they and what were the effects after being infected, or a symptom called long Covid?

Since Covid-19 directly affects our respiratory system, large amounts of infection will cause inflammation in the alveolus, causing pneumonia. Germs in the alveolus can cause obstruction, affecting the exchange and transport of oxygen, and causing problems that can cause inefficient or inoperable functionality. As a result, the bloodstream and the body do not receive oxygen as it should be.

When recovering from Covid-19, severe inflammation of the body caused by COVID-19 infections will result in lesions such as scars or various connective tissue in the lungs, resulting in the flexibility lost in the lungs, pulmonary infiltration occurs, does not exchange oxygen very well, feels shortness of breath, easily tired, not refreshing, chronic cough, and can’t do any activities as usual. Today, ACU PAY will explain the role of lings, and how to exercise to strengthen our lungs.

What are the roles of lungs?

  • Play a role in breathing and exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • Other roles besides breathing
  • Control the elimination of substances such as medicines and alcohol from the blood system.
  • Control the balance of PH (Potential of Hydrogen ion) in the blood, which is important for the performance of enzymes and organs.
  • Filter out sedimentary blood clots from the veins
  • Protect and receive impacts that will harm the heart which is in the middle of the thoracic cavity.
  • Act as a gas exchange

What are some exercises that can help you strengthen your lungs?

  1. Bloated Tummy Posture Sit upright, put both of your hands on your tummy then breathe. Your tummy will get bloated when you breathe in but your chest will not expand, and it will be flat when you breathe out.
  2. Still Chest Posture, sit upright Put your left hand on the chest, and your right hand under the epigastric then breathe. Your tummy will get bloated when you breathe in but your chest will not expand, and it will be flat when you breathe out.
  3. Ribs Moving Posture, sit upright Put both of your hands on the side of your rib cages. Breathe in through your nose to make your ribs bloom and breathe out to close them.
  4. Hand Raising Posture, stretch chest Breathe in through your nose while raising your arms forward. Take a long exhale through your mouth while lowering your arms.
  5. Wing Spreading Posture, expand lungs Raise your arms forward and breathe in through your nose, spread out your arms on both sides. Take a long exhale through the long mouth, and get back to your original position.
  6. Stretch and Snap Posture, move elbows Both hands join the back of the occipital and inhale through the nose with the elbow spread out. Take a long exhale through the mouth while closing elbows and hog the back. For breathing in and out, each time takes about 5 seconds, doing 10 times per round, 3-5 rounds per a break of 30-60 seconds.

These six exercises to strengthen the lungs will improve your breathing ability, reduce easy to get tiredness, and difficulty breathing, and prevent atelectasis. Apart from lung exercise, you must check your health regularly. With good wishes from ACU PAY.

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