How traffic jams affect the Thai Economy?

Who lives in Bangkok Make Some Noise! Most people living in Bangkok might have the same problem, which is traffic jams. This problem causes a lot of damage to Thailand in the aspect of people who have to go ahead of time in order to not be late. Also, in the aspect of economy as well because this problem causes a loss in income for about 10,000 million baht or about 60 million baht per day. Bangkok also once ranked in the traffic jam chart. Let’s see which rank Bangkok is at and which aspect this problem has an effect on. 

Being trapped in a traffic jam for a long time might be irritating, boring and causing a loss in income for 10,000 million baht per year. Bangkok is ranked in the 8 out of 11 places with the most traffic jams from the survey of 400 cities in 56 countries. Let’s see how traffic jams cause an effect on the economy.

The impact of the traffic jam has on the economy

1.The way of Bangkok people’s lives

Traffic jams are definitely a waste of time when traveling. People who live or go to Bangkok need to plan their time. Also, this causes changes in resource allocation for avoiding traffic or heavy traffic. As a result, the expenses of the people in Bangkok are skewed from one business to another.

2.Infrastructure investment in transportation

For example, building sky train railway, the cutting of a new road, and an additional extension of the expressway in order to fix the heavy traffic problem. These have an additional cost such as construction cost, employment cost, and trade in construction materials cost. Even if there will be an expense problem, it is worth it for the convenience for people. 

3.Energy expenditure

The total cost of the project is approximately 600 million baht per year. These costs are considered personal problems such as oil, gas and fuel costs. It’s the cost of people who have cars that have to pay for themselves, like gas and oil that makes cars drive which costs us to pay for adding water or gas. On the other hand, the beneficiary is an energy business group which causes us to save money and pay saved money for the gas .This has affected businesses other than the energy sector.

At present, Bangkok has added several new mass transit routes to solve traffic congestion. Also, many more are under construction. This is a good long-term solution.

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