Kuchisabishii, eats all the time even when you are not hungry.

Today we are going to talk about Kuchisabishii which is about eating all the time even though you are not hungry or want to eat little by little all day. This symptom often occurs to office workers who always need to eat snacks while working to work properly. Today, we will find out the cause of Kuchisabishii. Let’s start.

What is Kuchisabishii?

Kuchisabishii (คุ-จิ-ซา-บิ-ชี่) is a disease that your mouth feel too lonely, not because of the feeling that you want to talk but it is the feeling that need something to fill your empty mouth. The cause of the feeling is stress and boredom which make you want to eat or chew something even if you are not hungry. If Kuchisabishii occurs more frequently, it may cause a health hazard and unknowingly increase our weight.

The cause of Kuchisabishii

The causes are boredom, stress from work or studying, or things you experience daily so that you want to chew or eat snacks all the time. These symptoms usually come from mental rather than physical needs. Kuchisabishii is widely talked about, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic where you have to quarantine yourself or work from home. During the pandemic our eating behavior changed. You tend to have snacks or food around yourselves to eat while you are studying online or working from home. When everything is back to normal, you still get used to the habit of eating while working. Thus, you will have snacks and food on your working desk. 

Treatment or reduction of symptoms “Kuchisabishii”

The treatment of Kuchisabishii can be followed or anyone around you who has this symptom, can try to follow it in the following simple ways:

  1. Ask yourself what would you like to eat
  • Why are you hungry?
  • Are you really hungry or you just “want” to eat?
  1. Do something else to distract yourself.
  •  To not feel hungry or want
  • To avoid having Kuchisabishii symptom
  1. If you really cannot resist the feeling of want
  • Eat something that healthy such as fruit instead of snacks
  • Abstain from high-sugar foods
  • Try to chew a sugar-free gum

Although it is not a big deal, eating little by little often causes damage to our health such as flatulence, dysfunctioning the digestive system, Salivary Gland Infections, and problems in dental health.

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