Recommended Thai BBQ Buffet in the Lat Phrao area!

Hi everyone in Lat Prao Area! Have you used up your salary already at the beginning of the month? Today, ACU would take you to explore delicious and affordable Thai BBQ Buffet in the Lat Phrao area. Anyone who is a Thai BBQ lover should try it once or who would like to recommend other restaurants can comment. Let’s get started.

1. YangNeoy, Lat Phrao-Wang Hin

ecommended for anyone who loves BBQ because there are many choices of food to eat, including beef which is selected carefully, marinated pork, pork belly, and pork slides, followed by seafood such as shrimp, squid, egg yolks, and jellyfish. In addition, there are also dishes such as fried chicken, Yum, fried meatballs, and hot-cooked fried rice ready to be served to everyone. The special offer is an unlimited buffet at 219 Baht per person and a refilled water at 39 Baht per person. There is no charge for food left. However, you should get food just enough to eat.

Location: YangNoey Ladprao-WangHin branch (on the main road, Soi Ladprao-Wang Hin 44).

Open: On Money – Thursday open from 4 pm. to 11 pm. On Friday – Sunday open from 3 pm. to 11 pm.

2. PhooPhan Kanit Mookrata

The BBQ Buffet restaurant should not be missed with the “PhooPhan Kanit Mookrata” where celebrities and Influencers all eat and all agree on the delicious, they have to try it once. The highlights here are two flavors of sauces, whether it’s BBQ or seafood sauce made with garden fresh chili peppers and real lime juice, which is the owner’s recipe. The price will be 250 baht, 300 baht, and 350 baht each.

Location: PhooPhan Kanit Mookrata, Soi Lat Pla Khao 14

Open: Monday to Sunday at 4.00 pm. to 10.00 pm.

3. 71 MooKrata

71 MooKrata is a BBQ Buffet in the Lat Phrao area which is so delicious that it has to expand its sales area. The name 71 Mookrata comes from the location which is Soi Lat Phrao 71. As mentioned, the store has expanded from just having an outside zone to adding air-conditioning zones due to the more customers. The highlight menu here is a 20-baht seafood egg sauce that anyone has to order, and those who want to eat BBQ can choose what they want to eat because the restaurant offers a starting price of 35 baht per tray.

Location: 71 MooKrata, Soi Lat Phrao 71

Open: Monday to Sunday at 3pm to 10 pm.

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