How to drink properly to get rid of belly fat.

Even such a queen needs to care if she has a belly and anyone who doesn’t like drinking water has to change their behavior and quickly return to drinking water because drinking water can get rid of your belly. Today, ACU will share some tips about how to drink water to reduce belly fat. Just drink water, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on dietary supplements. All You have to do is just do the following regularly, and this will get you back into good body shape, and slay as a queen.

The problem for girls is they cannot stop eating even when they want to lose weight or get rid of belly fat. However, many people have turned to being on a diet in the wrong ways, such as taking diet pills. Nowadays, most girls turn to taking care of their health by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Today we have one more trick to reduce your belly easily with the right way to drink water.

In the morning

  • Drink 2 cups of water after waking up

The best timing is 06.00 am to 07.00 am which is a substitute for drinking water during dehydration. It is recommended to drink before brushing your teeth because it stimulates excretion, helps the thickening of blood flow well , and feels refreshing in the morning. Anyone with blood pressure problems or constipation is recommended to drink water in the morning.

  • A cup of water before having breakfast

You should drink an extra cup of water 30 minutes before breakfast. This will reduce your appetite to a certain extent, making it easy to get full and not eat too much food. It also helps with the digestive system very well, but should not drink water immediately before breakfast because it can cause 


  • A cup of water after breakfast

You should drink an extra glass of water an hour after breakfast,  during which your body is fully functioning, and at the same time, waste begins to occur. This water intake is used to purify waste from the body and make the digestive system more efficient.

In the afternoon

  • A cup of water before having lunch

At noon, you should drink an extra cup of water 30 minutes before lunch. The same process as in the morning helps the digestive system work better and makes it easy to be full

  • 2 cups of water after lunch

You should drink 2 glasses of water after eating to clean up the waste from your body but do not drink it at once because it will make you feel full and uncomfortable until the digestive system is not as good as it should be.

  • 2 cups of water around 3.00 pm

At 3:00 p.m., you should drink two more glasses of water. You should take a sip to quench your body’s thirst and moisturize your skin. For those living in an air-conditioned room, you should drink plenty of water during this time.

In the evening

  • A cup of water before having dinner

A glass of water should be drunk before dinner to stimulate the intestinal system and blood circulation to work better.

  • 2 cups of water during 08.00 pm to 09.00 pm

During this time, two glasses of water should be drunk to help stimulate the excretory system better, just as after waking up in the morning.

  • A cup of water before going to bed

One glass of water should be drunk before bed, which will help to clear the intestinal residue and make the internal system work better, and also make it easier to sleep.

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