Let’s get to know “A debt settlement clinic” The debt advisor

It is quite obvious that people are still dealing with unexpected financial problems no matter if it is during or after Covid-19 pandemic. Some people owe a lot of money from many financial institutes and they don’t know where to start paying off debt. Today, ACU will present A debt settlement clinic for you.

What is A debt settlement clinic?

It is the project that started with the idea of the Bank Of Thailand with the cooperation of the Thai Bankers Association and the International Bankers Association in 2017. A debt settlement clinic is established in order to help solve the problem of unsecured personal loans of small debtors with outstanding debts with creditor banks to pay off their debt.

Sukhumvit Asset Management (SAM) is assigned to be a connector between every debtor and creditor along with promoting a good knowledge of financial planning and discipline and to create the right values for reducing extravagance. Also, it contributes financial health to the younger generation in society which will lead to reduction of household debt problems, both directly and indirectly.

How to participate in the project?

Step 1:Check the qualifications of participants in the program

  • An individual who has income and is not over 70 years old. 
  • Have bad debt of credit card, cash card or unsecured personal loans of participating institutions
  • Have bad debt (NPL) before 1 February 2023
  • Total amount of debt is not more than 2 million baht.

Step 2: Fill in the application form

Step 3: Prepare document used to participate in the project

  • Application form
  • Report of Credit Bureau (every page)
  • A copy of ID Card
  • A copy of House Registration
  • A copy of name-last name change certificate (if applicable)
  • Income statement (case-by-case)

In case of regular employee:

  • A salary slip 1 month ago

In case of Freelancers:

  • 3-month-ago transaction or income certificate (according to attached form)

Step 4: Send the documents to P.O 40, Sun Tower Post Office, Bangkok, Thailand 10950. (Recommended to send via Thai mail so that delivery can be checked and to prevent document loss)

Noted: Credit Bureau information can be obtained at Credit Bureau / Bank Counter / ATM / Mobile App / Thai Post Office / Internet Banking / The Avenue Ratchayothin Debt Clinic Project, 4th Floor.

According to the Credit Bureau report as in January 2006, the credit bureau must have a status of 91-120 days in arrears.

Many people will have more or less content and solutions to solve the problem from this article about good debt advisors . For more information, please visit: คลินิกแก้หนี้ – DEBT หนี้บัตร หนี้บุคคล จบที่เดียว (debtclinicbysam.com) 

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