Types of Car insurance that match you and your budget.

Have you ever wondered if there are any other car insurances that are worth paying more than the current car insurance that you need to pay annually? The behavior of those who have cars has changed due to many factors such as work from home, less driving etc. It might be great if there is car insurance that matches your car usage and lifestyle. Here is the list of car insurance types.

1.Fill-up car insurance

It is the type 2+ and 3+ which will calculate the price due to the protected time starting at 70 hours per year. You can fill up hours if you need. Open-and-Close car insurance calculates the actual use of time in the form of minutes without seconds from the continuity in opening the insurance until you close it. 

2. Open-and-Close car insurance

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3.Women car insurance

New gen of women who work both as a housewife and working women might think that having an assistant is great in order to help them with car insurance when an unexpected accident occurs. This insurance has a replacement car for you to use during the repair. Secure personal property inside a car such as a purse, phones, communication equipment and peripherals for cameras, cameras, watches, clothing, clothing, and other personal items. 24-hour emergency services which give advice about forklift/truck service, spare key service, emergency refueling service, personal driver service, medical emergency assistance service, car pickup and delivery service to repair shops. Also, an additional special insurance for surgery which means that insurance policyholders are protected from automobile accidents, surgical procedures due to accidents.

What do you think after reading this article? Hopefully there is a type that is appropriate for your driving behavior. If you are interested in any type of these,  please contact leading insurance companies or representatives who regularly use them.

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