Let’s take a look at viral fashion with “Vietnam Brands” clothes

Speaking of fashion trends before, we’d think of Korea first. However, now the leading country of fashion trends are changing, as Vietnam is dominating the clothing market with a unique fashion that is different from other countries to such an extent that Korean celebrities and idols like BLACKPINK have also chosen to wear Vietnamese brands for events. No wonder people in both domestic and foreign countries have become so popular in wearing clothes from Vietnamese brands.

The reason why Vietnamese clothes are so popular is because the Y2K trend continues to be popular. This point allows Vietnamese brands to design a unique Y2K-aura dress, but add a little more design with a tightening suit, make it a little revealing, and add details such as ribbons, string, and a ruffle skirt inspired by the ballet dancer’s costume called balletcore. Make the look that you get from the playful, slightly sexy look to the gasp look that you will be like a fashionista for sure.

Apart from the unique design, the quality of the sewing and the price of the Vietnamese brand are also rumored to be worthwhile. Neat cutting with tangible prices ranging from hundreds to thousands. The reason why the price is so friendly is because Vietnam is one of the top six clothes export destinations in 153 countries worldwide. Vietnam has already established itself as a fashion industry for world-renowned brands such as ZARA, Uniqlo, and other brand names. As a result, local brands will be able to access sewing professionals with relatively low production costs.

It is not surprising that in the future, Vietnamese brands will be able to become influential fashion brands and compete with other fashion brands in other countries. The old Vietnamese image, which is just a clothing manufacturing base for other foreign brands, may not be the same anymore.

If you want to know which Vietnamese fashion brands are popular around the world, we have gathered 5 brands for you to choose from. Which brand will you like? Let’s take a look.

L Seoul

Starting with the first brand, L Seoul is a sweet and sexy clothing brand that perfectly blends Asian and European styles. The dress will have a lot of detail, focusing on the ruffle skirt and ribbons. It can show the proportions of women well. It is easy to wear on many occasions. It is suitable for wearing to a party, taking pictures with, or traveling.

Jubin Studio

Anyone looking for something to wear every day is recommended to this brand, Jubin Studio, which has a balletcore look that ranges from bright, sweet, and neat to playful, chic, and naughty. Anyone with a clothing matching problem, just wear this brand and the problem will disappear.


Anyone who loves sexy European fashion must come to this brand, Mama.virus. With the Y2K design and focusing on a set of fabric with a thin fabric, a little ruffle and revealing. It’s also very sexy and has a unique style as well.


The CICI brand will focus on minimal luxury, earth-tone style. It will look like a sweet girl or old money and is perfect for night parties, dinners, semi-official events, or for taking pictures.


Girls who love European fashion trend must scream with joy because of the Vintage brand. gout designed a cool Y2K shirt that everyone would know you are a fashionista once you wear it. It is suitable for parties, to the sea or to hang out.

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