The technique of properly arranging things in the refrigerator prolongs the life expand

Have you ever opened the fridge door and do not know where the things you need are because there are too many things stored in the refrigerator? Moreover, sometimes our things stored in the refrigerator do not last long. These problems can be easily solved with the technique of properly arranging things in the refrigerator prolongs the life of food and for things in the fridge to be in order.


Temperature below 0℃

It is suitable for storing frozen materials that want to be prolonged such as ice, ice cream, meat, pork, chicken, shrimp and other products, soups, dough sheets, or bread. The bread that is not slid can be wrapped in plastic wrap for up to 3 months. Before eating it, put it in the microwave or bake it in a 60-degree oven, it will be soft and tasty. In addition, items in this compartment must be divided into tightly closed and clearly separated containers, otherwise, the odors may strike.

Compartment under the freezer

Temperature between 0-5℃

It is a compartment for storing fresh things that need to be kept at low temperatures, but do not want to freeze so that the cold prevents bacteria from causing meat to rot quickly. Suitable for storing food such as cooked food, fermented food, or chilled meat, which is convenient for cooking. No need to defrost like food kept in the freezer.

Compartment in the middle

Temperature between 5-7℃

It is a multipurpose compartment that can store everything that is opened but cannot be eaten up or all types of ready-to-eat food, whether the food or dessert but must be eaten up in 1 – 2 days. The food in this compartment must have a closed package to prevent moisture in the food from being pulled out until it looks dry, awful, and tasteless. Moreover, if the lid is not sealed properly, the smell of food will remain in the refrigerator.

Fruits & Vegetables Compartment

Temperature between 8-10℃

This compartment has higher moisture compared to others. Thus, it is ideal for storing vegetables and fruits because it has a proper cold that will not freeze the fruit’s texture and prevent microorganisms from growing. It keeps fresh, crunchy, nutritious, vitamins and minerals intact.

Self on the fridge door

Temperature between 10-15℃

It’s the most frequently used part, and convenient to pick things up. However, due to the frequent use of this area, the temperature is not stable and changes at each opening and closing time. This shelf on the door can therefore be suitable for items that do not spoil easily and are frequently used such as condiments, drinks, and eggs.

Just by understanding the function of each refrigerator, we can store food in the right place, prolong freshness, and make it more organized. There’s nothing in the fridge to be confused about.

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