Life gets better just by tidying up your house. Let’s get to know the “house organizer.”

We may be familiar with house tidying from Marie Kondo, a Japanese housewife, who comes with a catchword like ‘sparkjoy’ that she says when she wonders if this item is worth storing or throwing away. Now, the theory and tips to tidy up houses can be implemented to your house as well.

Working too hard often gives us no time to spare for tidying up a messy house. To hire a housekeeper, the housekeeper can only do cleaning but the mess in the room remains the same. This is why house tidying has emerged as a new career that generates huge income called “house organizer”. What is this occupation like? Let’s get to it with ACU PAY.

“Maew Bin” (Flying Cat) House Organizer in Thailand

Im-Imyada Ruenpu, founder of ‘Maew Bin,’ is a professional house organizer who has been responsible for bringing messy houses back to being in order. Maew Bin offers a variety of services, including packing things for moving houses, unpacking things for new homes, home-organizing cases for depression patients and people with hoarding disorder, including pre-death house cleaning for terminally ill patients and the elderly. 

The beginning of Ms. Im’s career as she loves to do chores at a young age. She also graduated in hotel management and used to work as a manager in hotels, department stores, and condominiums, making her know how to keep things neat and comfortable for people. She has also been freelancing for more than 10 years. One day, Ms. Im posted her work on a Facebook Group, and it turned out that the response was too good to her expectations until she decided to quit her regular job and form a group with her close friend who specializes in organizing sundries like Ms. ‘Wa-Priyapa Riewthong’ until it became the page ‘Maew Bin’ in the present time.

Maew Bin provides services in Bangkok and urban areas with airports, regardless of the small room, large room, whole house, or commercial building. The service fee starts from around 5,000 baht to 100,000 baht depending on the amount of space size, difficulty/ease in organizing, and other information.

What does the house organizer do?

Ms. Im said that customers must first take pictures of their rooms and places to show them, and then start analyzing cases. For example, what does the house owner do, where is the house, how many people are there in the house, have a pet or not, and what kind of a house does the customer want it to look like?

Ms. Im’s work always guarantees customers how long it will take to organize. This requires very good time management skills, and the fastest work of the Maew Bin takes only 3 hours.

After the appointment, the Maew Bin team will go in and demolish whatever corner of the house to take out to sort out what to discard and what to store because if the owner of the room decides, the owner may not be able to throw things away and the house is as messy as ever.

Customers can choose to collect or donate only clothing and shoes, and the rest will be cleaned up in a flash or hidden as neatly as they would just the same as things being stored in a hotel.

House organizer, not a housekeeper

Organizing a messy house to make it neat as if getting a new house or room, is an advanced technique for Maew Bin because the Maew Bin not only normally tidies things up but also brings art to make the house look more pleasant. The existing home decorations will be used to decorate the house to enhance the atmosphere of the house. The existing home decorations will be used to decorate the house to enhance the atmosphere of the house

Messy house is not just a messy house

The Maew Bin believes that house organizing is an important part of relieving sadness. When things are cleared, the mind is ready for a fresh start. 

Apart from those who do not have the time to tidy up their homes, most of the customers who contact Maew Bin service are depressed people, the elderly, and Hoarding Disorder patients which are delicate cases that require calm, quick, and decisive action.

An example of a case that the MAew Bin team has been working on is a depression patient hired to organize a house to start a new life. Most of the work is to throw away dangerous items, sharp objects, and various chemicals. If the window is easy to open, lock it tightly, or if the room has a balcony, there are things put in place. Some people like to live in dark rooms with duct tape on the window to keep out light; their crews have to remove the duct tape so that the patients can see the natural sunlight every day.

It can be seen that house organizing is not only about making a house cleaner but also organizing the thoughts and mental conditions of people living in it, creating happiness for them. If the house is pleasant to live in, people living in it will be happy as well.

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