New Student Loan Fund Act! No need to have Guarantor

Student Loan Fund Act, B.E.2566 announced in the Government Gazette on March 19, B.E. 2566, and is effective the next day from March 20, B.E. 2566.

The following are the main themes:

  1. It is designated as a scholarship instead of a loan for education in a field that is the main demand and necessary for the country’s development.
  2. Boards of Student Loan funds are responsible for establishing measures to assist borrowers with employment and to pay back the fund.
  3. Do not have any guarantor in any case
  4. If it is necessary and appropriate, the period of payment for student loans may exceed the number of years specified in the curriculum.

Including the interest rate that must not exceed 1% per year without compound interest charge. In case of default on fund repayment, the borrower will lose no more than 0.5% of the additional money per year.

The importance of the Student Loan Fund is to provide opportunities for people who cannot afford education costs but want to study further by lending loans at a low-interest rate. They can pay back money after they graduate. Current statistics of borrowers on December 31, 2022, are as follows:

The Borrower: 6,468,483

Be in the middle of paying debt: 3,518,896 or 55%

Be in the middle of a debt-free period: 1,170,063 or 18%

Finish paying off of debt: 1,709,850 or 26%

Be dead and disable: 69,674 or 1%

To provide educational opportunities for the next generation of students, they should return the loan. If they are unable to repay the loan at that time, they can contact the bank before planning on debt restructuring.


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