“New Economy Academy” knowledge source for new business owners.

Are you a new business owner who wants to gain knowledge to develop a business but doesn’t know where to go to get that knowledge? The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has established e-learning to be a digital knowledge center and to expand opportunities for those who are interested in access to an international trade body. 

This is not only a lesson but also a test and certificate according to conditions as follow:

  1. Must do a pretest before entering the lesson
  2. Must complete the lesson and the score from the test in the lesson and post-test must be at least 70% to be considered as a graduate of the course from the Department and be able to obtain a certificate.
  3. The course must be completed only within the period when the system is open for admission. (Within 45 days from the date of opening the system) If the deadline is exceeded, the system will close the service in that course. Students will not graduate without any conditions.

The curriculum has various contents as follows:

  1. Group of International Trade Course

    This course is about Entrepreneurial Success Tips Course Out of Direct Experience. For example, The Content Design Course for good presentation, Business Negotiation for International Trade, Market Penetration Techniques Course to read consumer behavior online, Data Driven Marketing for Better Understanding of Online Consumer Behavior, Data Usage for Business Decision Making, etc.

  2. Group of The Guru course

    From the Guru to the region. This is about knowledge of gurus from various types of careers. For example, Digital Transformation Course, adding more value to the business by Storytelling Course, Fashion Design for Exportation Course, etc

  3. Group of A Preliminary Knowledge of Exports Course

    For example, preliminary knowledge of export business, Customs and Exporting Documentation, etc

  4. Group of E-Commerce and Modern Trade Course

    For example, Strategies to boost sales with applications, Cross-border e-Commerce, eBay for International Trade, etc.

  5. Group of Foreign Market Penetration Knowledge

    Basic international trade knowledge course for border trade in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

For more information please visit website at https://nea.ditp.go.th/

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