Pata Zoo! A legendary sky zoo.

It is believed that if you think of a zoo in the city, there must be a name “Pata Zoo” as one of them. In the past, it was very famous. It was considered as a legendary zoo for many people and is considered Thailand’s first medium-sized sky zoo as well.

In 2022, there has been a case of selling a 30-year-old gorilla “Bua Noi” which is the favorite of people of all ages when coming to this Pata Zoo. Later, the zoo issued a statement confirming that “Never negotiated the trade of Bua Noi with anyone and any agency.” Also, there is a confirmation that even after the zoo’s continued losses, there has never been a time when authorities have negotiated or priced Bua Noi for the sake of what they love most. Impressive. After Pata Zoo posted the statement, it became a power of the social world, causing many people to visit Pata Zoo and Bua Noi.

Today, ACU will take you back in time to Pata Zoo. Pata Zoo is located in the Pata Pinklao Department Store which has been established for more than 40 years. It is a place that has experienced the greatest boom in all new forms in the past. Whether it is a modern glass elevator in front of the building, a rainbow fountain in the middle of the mall, a large movie theater, an 80s-era skating rink, an air-conditioned theme park, an outdoor concert hall, a tower nightclub, and many others which are believed to still be remembered.

The thing that is considered the number one symbol of the Pata Department Store is “Pata Sky Zoo and Gorilla ” which created a phenomenon for Thai people to experience “King Kong Pata” at that time until it became a famous place in the 80s. In addition, Pata Zoo in the past was a pioneering zoo for Thailand’s most precious reptile display, along with a group of exotic animals and early Exotic Animal Experts in Thailand on the sixth floor of the building. which used to be a gathering place of the “master of the strange animal industry” and is a “master-level old generation” Many more nowadays learn and convey it until it becomes important knowledge among rare exotic animal enthusiasts.

Recently, The Pata Zoo Facebook page has updated many of the changes in 40 years with a variety of good and bad situations that have brought people’s attention here again. The thing that Pata Zoo has always been doing is taking care of all animals and not expecting that their daily activities will bring people back and encourage them by sending messages online and visiting the zoo continuously, despite the deteriorating overall environment. From all the encouragement received, it became what “Pata Zoo Executive” 2nd Generation (Sermsiri Family Business) of Pata Pinklao and Pata Zoo tried to improve both the location and service by both the old and new generations to serve everyone.

Frankly, Admin is looking forward to a new version of Pata Zoo. Anyone who has never been to Pata Zoo should go once, then share your experience with us as well. 

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