Menus to survive during the end of the month. We will survive together!

From the popular question “What to eat?” to “What can I eat?” at the end of the month. It hurts so much like others say, “The end of the month, the end of my life.” We need to survive with a little amount of money left. At the beginning of the month, we eat like a king such as Hotpot, Thai BBQ Buffet, Japanese food, Korean food and finish the meal with dessert or chilling at the cafe. Switching to the end of the month, we nearly have to count our coins to pay! Time flies when you are happy, but money hasn’t passed by yet. We need to be patient and survive. One of the ways that we usually choose is to cook for ourselves, which is probably the best way to get ingredients around you and create a perfect menu while waiting for your paycheck.

Since we’re cooking for ourselves, our level is definitely not instant noodles with eggs. Today, ACU will present you menus to survive during the end of the month.

1. Spicy Canned Sardine Salad

The first menu starts with ingredients in many people’s kitchen counterparts, easy to make, friendly price. You can with hot rice to fill your stomach.

2. Instant noodle fried rice

This menu is for those who are tired of regular egg fried rice. If you want to add texture to the chewing process, then add instant noodles in the fried rice. You can choose the flavor you like to make it have different taste for different day

3. Instant noodle with Canned Sardine salad

For anyone who likes canned fish but is tired of rice and wants to have tasty noodles on this menu. The delicious canned sardines go well with the spicy taste of instant noodles.

4. Microwave Steamed Egg

Delicious steamed eggs are very easy to make and cheap. The ingredient is only egg, then add water and add soy sauce, fish sauce, or Maggie. If you want to add flavor, you can try adding instant noodles as well.  There’ll be something to chew on and it will taste tasty.

5.Wheat bread with fried egg

A fresh bread from the oven with a fried ess in the middle is simple and perfect.

6. Omelette

The menu that has been with Thai people for many years, houses, and generations. It is believed that everyone has eaten and may be one of the first dishes to be made by many people. It is not hard to make you just crack the egg to your heart…. Just kidding. Crack the egg in a bowl then add soy sauce or fish sauce. You can add meat or vegetables as preference. 

That’s it for the menus to survive at the end of the month. It is easy to make, affordable and you can cook at home by yourself. Anyone who would like to share menus to survive during the end of the month can share with us!

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