7 Cats’ Behaviors that cat lovers should know!

Cat lovers might have observed their cats’ behaviors for sure. But have you ever wondered why cats love to rub their head on our legs or love to lay in a box instead of the expensive cat cushion we bought for them. Today, ACU PAY will share cats’ behavior that cat lovers should know. Let’s find out what our cat wants to tell us. Let’s start!

Love to play with crate paper box

According to the research, it is found that crate paper boxes or cardboard boxes can reduce stress on cats because the soft smell of crate paper produced from wood pulp helps cats feel familiar and adaptable easier. In addition, the cat box is like a home, hideaway, and shelter to keep it warm and safe. So if you see a cat sleeping comfortably in a cardboard box, don’t bother because it’s in a very relaxed mode.

Love to lie down on our keyboard

Cat behavior experts say cats like to sit or sleep on keyboards because they want to get the owner’s interest. When the cats saw that we were paying attention to the computer screen, they thought that if they sat on the keyboard, their owner would be interested in them. That is the reason why they jump on and lie down on the keyboard over and over even though we put them off of the keyboard. In addition, there are also factors of laptop warmth and soft keyboard keys that may make cats like it.

Love to be on high places

The kittens often jump on high ground because they feel safe and private just like the behavior that tends to hide in narrow spaces. The cat has to jump up and down all the time, so its body is naturally designed to be active, agile, and lightweight, with strong hind legs that are flexible so that it can jump higher and further than other animals.

Love to rub itself with our body

This behavior involves releasing the cat’s pheromone. Rubbing the head on the leg leaves its scent on us so that other cats can recognize that “this human is mine.” It’s not surprising that kittens are coming to snuggle us every day because the shower and changing clothes cause the smell of cats to disappear. Thus, it has to rub to leave its scent again.

Laying on its back whenever it sees its human.

The fact that cats walk up to us and turn their bellies up indicates that they are excited to meet us or want to get attention. If you are faced with this kind of behavior, be happy because showing off its belly puts the cat in the riskiest position, which means that if it shows its belly, it has complete confidence in us and doesn’t have to worry about safety. As for anyone who’s ever seen a cat show its stomach but it tries to bite when we rub its belly, that means it still doesn’t trust us.

Wobble its butt before pouncing on prey

When cats see small prey such as mice, butterflies, or lizards, they tend to act prepared by crouching, moving the hind legs slightly which look like a cat swinging its butt, to check all muscles for accurate direction and get a stable balance point before pouncing on its prey like a brave hunter.

Love to drink water from the tab

Naturally, the water in flowing streams is usually cleaner and safer than still water in ponds where contamination may occur. Drinking water from a faucet, cat fountain, or hose water is therefore preferred and stimulated the cats’ drinking more. In addition, the cat’s water-eating behavior tends to avoid bowing to water in containers. Especially cups that are not clean and water that is not changed. In order to not see the reflection and not to give long, sensitive whiskers to touch the rim of the cup.

Each kitten has a different behavior, so the owner should know the meaning of these behaviors so that they can guess their emotions correctly. If our cat behaves differently, it may indicate various health problems, so be sure to observe her behavior regularly.

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