Let’s go find lovers! 5 Dating Apps for the single who want boyfriend/girlfriend

Anyone who is still single put your hands up! Those who are looking for their boyfriend/girlfriend or want to start a new relationship but do not know where to start, you should start from these 5 dating apps. Maybe single people can easily start connecting with those who are far away, as well as find friends to talk to and share experiences, knowledge and opinions through these apps. Each app has its own interesting features and different methods to match you with others. Let’s take a look at these apps.


It’s an all-time popular app for single people around the world. The concept of this app is “Match Chat Date,” which matches the usage. If you like him/her, swipe to the right, and swipe to the left if you are not like him/her. If you find him/her match with your specific type, swipe up or press the star. You can set the age of people you want to match, how close or how far you are. If the person you’re interested in also swipes to the right, you can start the conversation immediately. People can easily be drawn to match by simply creating a profile and uploading their pictures on the app. It is recommended to choose pictures that indicate their preferences or hobbies. Because once you are matched, you’ll have a lot of things in common to talk about.


Some people may not even know that we can date through the Facebook application we currently use by using a secret feature like Facebook Dating. Simply press in and create an update profile and you can use it immediately without having to find more apps to install. It is suitable for those who want to meet new people who are not Facebook friends. If they like one another, they can like or send a message. When the other side presses back, the system will match and start chatting with each other in the dating feature immediately.


This app is created for people who love Mutelu. The app understands Thai people’s beliefs very well, has a predictive double search system based on our birth date, and then a percentage will tell us how much luck this person matches with yours. The app also has a dual search system for your dream type of people and you can determine in detail what type of specifications and preferences you prefer, then the app filters out people who fit the specific specs. The app also has a dual search system for your dream specs and you can determine in detail what type of specifications and preferences you prefer, then the app filters out people who fit the specific specs of yours. Most importantly, it is also easy to reach others by starting a chat without waiting for a match.


ANSXER is an answer app for people who like people for their attitude rather than their appearance. In addition to features such as swiping left and right, what to do when you meet the right person is to answer the questions that that user has set to measure whether both sides have a similar attitude. The other party will see the answer but cannot see our faces. It’s perfect for any friend who likes to write, type, or comment, but the match will take longer than usual. Anyone who doesn’t feel like it might have to try other apps that suit them.


Let’s finish the content with an app for people who do not want to be in a relationship but want to have friends when they hangout, party or other activities. WEGOWHERE is a right choice because the app can let lonely people form groups and invite them to do activities they want to do. Anyone interested can press to join and when the time is set you can meet and join them. The activities in WEGOWHERE are not just this because there are health activities that invite people to exercise, play badminton or even go hiking.

What is your opinion on this dating app content? ACU wou;d like to let you know that dating apps are not only for lovers but also for people who want to make new friends or improve their language skills. We hope that this content will be useful for those who still think about which apps suit them best.

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