What’s the best way to get rid of hair

Having beautiful, smooth, hairless skin is another point that boosts confidence among many girls. Being hairless in some parts of the body will make you look clean and it will be easy to take care of, so most people choose to get rid of hair in their own area of concern. Right now, there are many ways to get rid of hair. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method, which is useful for making decisions about how to choose the right and appropriate method.


This method is about using tweezers to pluck out the hair from its root. Plucking should be done near the hair root to not rip it apart. After-plucking, the results will last for 3-8 weeks, and then the hair will grow back. It’s a relatively convenient method. There are simple procedures that can be done at home, but it usually takes a long time each time, with slight pain or red swelling in the temporary plucking area as well as the risk of ingrown hair if the hairline is torn apart.


Waxing is taking hair out from its roots. There is hot wax and cold wax. You can do it yourself at home or use the service at a beauty salon. The waxing of the hair will result in slight to moderate pain after making it and red spots or blisters after doing so, because hair roots are pulled out of the pores.


It is a temporary removal of hair using a razor or electric shaver. Men prefer to remove the hair on their faces or shaves, while women often shave their underarms, legs or hidden spots. It should be shaved along the hairline and the surface of that area is slightly wet to help make it not too stiff and easier to shave. The process is not complicated, it costs little money and takes a little time. The hair will be grown back in 1-3 days, causing it to shave frequently after shaving. It can cause red, dull, irritating skin, furrowed or infected by razor blades.

Hair removal cream

It is a type of cream or liquid product for applying skin to areas where hair removal is needed. The chemicals in the cream modify the protein structure of hair lines above the skin to soften and wipe them off easily. The ingredients of each brand vary. The label should be carefully read every time before use. If you want to remove hair in the hidden spots, you should choose a product specifically for this section. People with sensitive skin or allergies should test it before using it.


It is a method of removing hair with laser energy waves. It sends heat energy through the beam to the hairline to absorb laser heat. When the hair root cell absorbs a certain amount of heat, the hair root will decay and stop growing. Then it will gradually fall out. If all is done as recommended by experts, hair loss can be prevented for a long time. Laser removal can also help solve the problem of ingrown hair and chicken skin caused by hair removal in the wrong way.

Electric hair removal

It is a long-term hair removal method, like laser treatment. It uses a small needle-like device inserted into the pores and releases electricity to destroy the hair root. This takes quite a long time and causes a lot of pain. Therefore, it is often used to remove hair in small areas such as the upper lip, eyebrows, underarm but the cost is quite high. Some may have new hair growing back, dry skin, scaly skin, and inflammation or infection from unhygienic devices.

Most hair removal methods produce short-term results. Soon, the hair grows new and longer as it is. The duration varies according to each method. You can choose to use it according to their preference, but it should be one that does not cause excessive pain or serious side effects. Thus, you should first study the advantages, limitations and safety of hair removal methods.

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