Perfect Credit Card for your Lifestyles!

It must be hard for someone who needs the right credit card that matches the lifestyle. For those who love shopping at the mall, the credit card that gives privileges when spending at a department store might be great. People who like to travel abroad may choose a credit card that can give credit for exchanging money or travel privileges.

For shopping lovers!

Shopping lovers are the group of people who find shopping is happiness, including online shopping and department stores shopping. Shopping benefits from many credit cards that allow us to shop freely, such as the 0% installment for 10 months or installment at low interest rates, or a credit refund 2 times more than payment when shopping at the department stores. These benefits give you a chance to purchase goods at a lower price. Today we are going to talk about 2 credit cards that are good for shopping.

1.Central The 1 The Black Credit Card: It’s perfect for people who like to shop at Central department stores. Here are some benefits of Central The 1 The Black Credit Card.

  • Get up to 10 percent discount from spending via Central The One the Black credit card.
  • Get double score of The 1 points
  • Special lounge service at all Central branches.
  • Special parking for people with Central The One the Black credit cards.

2.KTC PLATINUM MASTERCARD: It is suitable for those who prefer to shop through participating online applications. Here are some benefits of KTC PLATINUM MASTERCARD 

  • Get a discount of up to 1,500 baht from online shopping.
  • Get up to 10 percent of one’s credit cash back
  • 0% installment interest service for up to 10 months.

For travel lovers!

If you’re a busy traveler, whether domestic or abroad traveling, a travel credit card that gives many privileges such as airfare, reservation discounts and travel insurance benefits might be good. If you fly frequently, you can’t miss it.

1.UOB Privimiles Wealth Banking Credit Card

  • Get 1 point for every spending at 15 baht.
  • Points can be redeemed for room, hotel, rental car. The points can be redeemed for 15% of credit cash back.
  • The Royal Silk Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport is available twice a year.
  • Accident insurance plan on the way with a maximum coverage of 20 million baht.

For Eating Lovers!

People who love to eat and go to the best reviewed restaurants don’t miss out on the promotional privileges of restaurants when spending via credit cards. Points can be used as discounts at special prices.

1.Citibank Rewards

  • Special 1 point for spending in the food category every spending of 5 baht.
  • Points can be exchanged for credit cash back by 11,000 points is equal to 1,000 baht credit cash back.
  • Special promotion for Citibank Rewards card spending, such as 20% discount or 4 pay 3 lunch buffet, etc.

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