Saving plan for people with low income

Financial plan is something that people can start doing no matter how much money you have. The faster you start planning your savings, the sooner you can achieve your goal of saving.

This time, ACU PAY will share a savings plan for people with low income which can easily start from one’s self. 

Adjust attitude about savings

Whether poor or rich, finance is a matter for everyone to know. Even if our salaries are small and a burden of expense, we can save money at the same time. Thus, we should control money and not let the money control us.

Design your lifestyle

Observe your lifestyle and calculate the amount of money you need each month, both necessary and unnecessary spending such as rent, water and electricity bills, travel, and personal belongings. If the income and expenditure gap is small, you may have to consider earning more income from other channels or changing jobs to earn a higher salary.

Set a clear goal of savings

Having a goal will give us motivation. Therefore, we should plan our spending plans and set the direction of savings as intended. For example, saving money to buy condos, getting married, studying abroad, school fees for your children, and retirement plans. It is recommended to start with a 10-20% income and save it right away.



If you get a salary of 15,000 baht, you can split 10% of your savings into 1,500 baht and the remaining 13,500 baht for other essential expenses.

If you are afraid of forgetting or can’t cut off your money, it is recommended to use an auto payment through account number. In addition, you may find other savings methods and apply them to the best fit, it is possible no matter how small or large the target is.

Do income - expenses record

To observe how you use your money, you should make expenditure and income records to know the amount of money spent each day. If you see that certain expenditures are not necessary, you can reduce them and improve your savings plan to reach your goal faster.

Change the way of collecting money

Change the money collection channels from saving it in a single account to saving it in a separate savings account such as emergency reserve, future savings, shopping, and investment savings, or now you can use a financial application that just opens one account to create a separate wallet.

Earn extra income

If you don’t think the money is not enough to cover your expenses, start looking for a business or a supplementary income. The businesses now can be started in a variety of ways, such as online sales, freelancing, or home delivery.

Find a way to invest for long-term returns

Investment education will allow money to grow, especially long-term investments. As time goes by, there will be less risk of losses and higher returns. For example, SFF and RMFs which can be used in a tax deduction, and debt instruments like gold, oil, or Index funds such as  SET50 can be bought without a minimum.

After learning the secret to financial planning, try following one of the mentioned. Apply it to your spending habits and keep adding other steps one by one. The money you expect will not be hard to come true.

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