See ‘Kangaroo’ in the water, run away if you don’t want to live a short life

You may have seen muscular kangaroos fighting with humans or villagers’ dogs. However, if you see them in the water,  do not think that they would like us to play in the water with them because if we follow them into the water, we may shorten our lives unknowingly.

Kangaroos, a marsupial animal in Australia, can weigh up to 90 kilograms at maturity and reach up to 2 meters. Kangaroos have long, powerful hind legs and a strong tail that can be used to balance and jump. They are also used to support themselves for violent kicking. It is so powerful that cause people to die from that kick

Do not follow kangaroos into the water

As you know, kangaroos have a very good hunter instinct. If you see them in the water, they are protecting themselves from predators. Especially hunters like ‘dingo’, a brilliant kangaroo hunter whose face looks like a domestic dog which is almost indistinguishable.

Whenever the hunters follow them into the water, strong male kangaroos will put their strong arm muscles and long pointed nails on the hunter’s neck and press it into the water until the hunter finally dies.

The hunter that the kangaroo thinks is no other animal but the local dog that they misunderstand as dingo wolves, their biggest enemy, and that’s why we often see kangaroo videos attacking and killing hundreds of Australian dogs.

Dr. Graeme Coulson, an ecologist at the University of Melbourne, sees kangaroos in the water as an attempt to escape from their enemies rather than murder plans to kill predators.

If a kangaroo really wants to fight, it usually tries to use its powerful hind legs to kick at the threat, pushing its claws into every surface it touches.

Nevertheless, the decision of the kangaroo to run into the water is expected as it is the instinct of a herbivore to run into the water when chased by a predator. The kangaroo may also try to do so, but when those predators follow, the situation may seem scary immediately.

The kangaroo population has now grown by more than 60 million, but the Australian population is only 25 million.

Why are there so many Kangaroo?

At first, Australia already had many kangaroos and they had been hunted by the Aborigines for over 40,000 years, when Europeans came, they ate kangaroo meat as well and they came to farm with the focusing on cattle mainly.

Nevertheless, when humans start raising animals, they are confronted by natural predators like ‘DIngo wolves’ which attack farm animals. When dingo wolves become a human threat, their numbers decrease, affecting a significant role in controlling kangaroo populations. The consequence is that the increasing number of kangaroos does not stop.

Due to the large population of kangaroos, the government must kill millions of them a year to control the population. The government exported kangaroo meat to Europe and their tough leather to make shoes such as soccer shoes.

This excessive number of kangaroos has become a major problem in Australia because kangaroos destroy human crops from drought conditions, resulting in kangaroos finding less food from nature.

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