It must be admitted that TIKTOK is a hot platform at this time. It is both a platform for entertainment and a platform where anyone can sell products. which is why this is the origin of the word “shoppertainment.” It will create enormous value.


What is Shoppertainment?

Shoppertainment is the trend in which we shop through entertaining content. The most obvious example is Tik Tok. We ourselves came in for normal entertainment but saw a video that caused a demand for the product. in which TikTok itself can be purchased directly through the video. This makes it convenient for the buyer to see the real product. Seeing a product in video makes it more interesting than using still images. Thus, it has become an important opportunity and eye-catching for brands and marketers.
Sirinit Virayasiri, the Head of Business Marketing, Global Business Solutions at TikTok, has revealed that technology has created a huge choice. and consumers are eager to seek out new discoveries, At the same time, it opens the door to a new era of e-commerce.
Shoppertainment is now an extremely attractive approach for brands looking to engage with consumers. According to BCG’s expectation, the Asia-Pacific shoppertainment market will grow at a rate of 63% per year.

Growth opportunity of Shoppertainment in Thailand.

For Thailand, Shoppertainment has an opportunity to grow by up to 54% and to be valued from $3.4 billion to $124 billion within two years, or 2025.
Currently, the fashion and accessories market, the beauty and personal care market, the food and beverage market, and the electronics market are the largest categories for shoppers in Thailand. It accounts for more than half, which is around 55% of the total market value.
40-60% of these categories are influenced by video content purchases. which is an indicator of a potential sales increase.
In addition, the top three popular categories focusing on shoppertainment in Thailand are fashion and accessories, at 18%, followed by beauty and personal care at 17%, and food and beverages at 13%.
So, it’s a new opportunity for brands and businesses looking to invest in building a strong brand and entertaining consumers. Currently, Thais access TikTok on average 12 times a day, each using an average of 100 minutes a day.
There are so many procurement methods that it cannot be analyzed. 89% of consumers will search for information both on and off the platform they are using. With 63%, they must watch content 3-4 times before purchasing. And 85% of consumers will traverse multiple platforms before actually making a purchase.
Controversy about over-branded content: 34% of consumers distrust over-branded content to the point that they feel overwhelmed. making the decision not to buy that brand.

The more you understand the consumer, the greater the opportunity.

The information states that, in making consumer purchasing decisions, the most important factor is functional demand spaces, accounting for 60% of all consumer purchases. In this group, they tend to buy according to their habits. Focus on familiar products and services or already used ones without considering new options.
Another factor is that emotional demand spaces account for approximately 40% of all purchases. caused by the emotional needs of consumers.
It is a space that creates change and opportunity for brands. Because consumers are always considering new products and are more likely to be open to and change their minds to new brands as well.

It is funny, entertaining and unique.

Research reveals that consumers in Asia-Pacific expect brands to be entertained before they begin offering product information. In other words, there is a process to create awareness of the product. to stimulate demand and turn that demand into a purchase.
Fun and entertainment: 81% of consumers expect to see story-driven and informative content first, and 76% of consumers are interested in motion-based content.
Credible and unique: 71% of consumers agree that factual and accurate information makes videos compelling.
Inspired and independent to buy or make decisions: 71% of consumers expect brands not to force their purchase decisions while engaging with content.
Trends and Community: 65% of consumers would like reliable advice or recommendations about brands from experts in the online community.

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