Survey of Thai Strong Stock more than 100 Years

Amid economic fluctuations within 10 years, many businesses have gone bankrupt and many have been shut down. Nevertheless, when it comes to businesses that have been through the economic downturn for more than 100 years, are there companies that can still survive this long?

Today, ACU PAY will take you a look at 6 stocks that went through obstacles and many economic situations and still can withstand for more than 100 years. What companies are there? Let’s start!

1. OHTL Stock - OHTL Public Company Limited 147 years old

OHTL Public Company Limited operates a hotel management and restaurant business. In the hotel group, it operated the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok which was located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in 1876. There are also food and beverage businesses such as Le Normandy, Waterfront Pavilions, Lord Jim and Bambu Bar, and laundry service and management of Mandarin Oriental Shop that sells bakeries. 

The hotel was originally called ‘Oriental’ and was built by two Danish soldiers, then registered as a limited company under the name ‘Thai Hotel Co., Ltd.’ with an initial registered capital of 60 million baht. There have been several tradings and changes of hands of the owners, during which time this hotel has survived the World War II crisis.

Then in 1967, Italthai Group acquired the company and in 1974 formed a joint venture with Jardine Matheson and had Hong Kong Land Ltd. acquire a share in the stock as a representative.

Another major change occurred in 1985 when Hong Kong Land Ltd. transferred the company’s shares to Mandarin Oriental Holdings B.V., a hotel management company, that is a company in the Jardine Matheson group.

In 1988, the company changed its name to ‘Oriental Hotel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’ and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand with a registered capital of 160 million baht. In 1993, the company was registered as a public limited company until 2008 when it was renamed ‘OHTL Public Company Limited’ and changed its trade name from ‘Oriental Hotel’ to ‘Mandarin Oriental Hotel’.

For the performance of the OHTL stocks in 2023, the market cap on November 27, 2023, was 7.07 billion baht.

2. BGRIM Stock - B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited 145 years old

B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited is a company that operates an electricity generation business in the B . Grim Group or B.GRIMM. B.Grimm was founded in 1888 by two Europeans: Bernhard Grimm, a German pharmacist, and Erwin Mueller, an Austrian businessman. They co-founded Company B.Grimm, which is the name of the founder (Bernhard Grim), and it has been used to this day.


Initially, a pharmacy called “Siam Dispensary” was located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River near the Oriental Hotel. This was the first modern pharmacy in Thailand, then expanded to the engineering business and became a digger of the Rangsit Canal and a constructor of telegraph systems in Thailand. 

Back in World War I, Germany was captured by the British government, resulting in B.Grimm being in such a critical situation that even executives and families were sent to concentration camps in India until the end of the war, B.Grimm resumed its business in Thailand.

However, B.Grimm continues to grow its business to date, driven mainly by the Link family which has continued to expand its business into energy, manufacturing, and real estate businesses, as well as joint ventures with world-renowned companies. Also, take the energy business to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on July 19, 2017, under the abbreviation B.GRIMM. On November 27, 2013, B.GRIMM had a market cap of 63.6 billion baht.

3. BJC Stock - Berli Jucker Public Company Limited 141 years old

The beginning of BJC or Berli Jucker Public Company Limited started in 1882. It comes from a strong business partnership between the Berli and the Jucker families that Albert Jucker and Henry Sigg, Switzerland people co-founded the Jucker, Sigg and Co. which was one of the earliest commercial companies to succeed at that time. It is a business related to rice mills, mines, teak, shipping, imports, and other business activities.

An important turning point of BJC happened in 1965 when it transformed its family-based partnership operation into a company under the name of Berli Jucker Company Limited. Decades later, in 2001, Thai Charoen Corporation Group had become a major shareholder of BJC, which made the company continue to grow and become one of Thailand’s leading importers and exporters entrepreneurs, including expanding its business into packaging and distribution.

BJC is considered one of the companies that made history in the Thai stock market because it is one of the first eight companies that entered the Stock Exchange of Thailand on April 30, 1975. On 27 November 2023, BJC had a market cap of 1.08 hundred billion baht. 

4. OSP Stock Osotspa Public Company Limited 132 Years old

Osotspa Public Company Limited was founded in 1891. It started with a miscellaneous shop in the Sampeng area called ‘Teck Heng Yoo’ founded by Mr. Pae Osathanugrah. It sold products that were famous to the people in those days, such as Krisnaklan Trakilane, Yatamjai, and Uthai Thip.

In 1949, with its fast-growing business, led to the expansion of its production base by establishing a factory in the Soi Lang Suan area with modern machinery to support its growth. It was the year that the company was also listed and renamed to ‘Osotspa (Teck Heng Yoo) Co., Ltd.’ which was considered a step to enter the industry as an enterprise.

Although Osotspa produces many common household remedies, it continues to develop and offer new products to the market, such as M-150 energy drinks.


Then, in 1995, Osotspa (Teck Heng Yoo) Co., Ltd. changed its name to ‘Osotspa Company Limited’ along with the success of expanding its market base to more diverse product groups. This underscores the strength of the Osotspa brand in Thailand.

Until 2018, Osotspa Company Limited was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the securities abbreviation OSP. On November 27, 2023, OSP had a market cap of 70.6 billion baht.

5. SINGER Stock - Singer Thailand Public Company Limited 134 Years old

Singer Thailand Public Company Limited or SINGER was founded in 1889. Singer of the United States, which had appointed Kiam Huo Heng Co., Ltd. to be a distributor of SINGER sewing machines in Thailand. Later in 1905, a branch in Thailand was established under the name ‘Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.’ to sell sewing machines and other sewing machine-related goods.


In 1925, SINGER became more well-known in Thailand after providing hire purchase service of sewing machines and could pay in installments which made Singer more well-known In Thailand. Singer expanded into household appliances and established Singer Thailand Co., Ltd. on January 4, 1994, and use the securities abbreviation SINGER.

As for the latest SINGER’s business performance, the market cap on November 27, 2023, was 9.28 billion baht.

6. SCB Stock - SCBX Public Company Limited 117 years old

Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand was the first commercial bank in Thailand. The bank’s business started as a book club on October 4, 1904, and was founded by Prince Mahisara Rajaharudaya because he believed that Siam needed a banking system to support the country’s economic and financial growth.

After the book club business expansion, King Chulalongkorn officially established The Siam Commercial Bank, Limited to operate commercial banks officially on January 30, 1956.In 1939, the name was changed to The Thai Commercial Bank, Limited. 


Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) was considered the most modern bank in Thailand at that time. It was the first time to offer urgent money service via ATMs. At present, Siam Commercial Bank offers a comprehensive range of financial services to all types of customers including large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and retail customers.

In 2021, SCB Group reconstructed and established SCBX to be a parent company and entered the Stock Exchange in Thailand instead of SCB to increase flexibility and became a regional financial technology group in terms of financial services and platform. As for SCB’s latest business performance, the market cap on November 27, 2023, was 3.34 hundred billion baht.


In 2025, SCB expects that it will be able to generate the company’s values from its new business which is significant in addition to the core profit and security of its core banking business, including building up to a 200 million customer base in the system, expanding its new business overseas, and owning a large technology platform with a large number of users.