Take a look at spending trend with Top 10 Most Popular Presents on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s, those who have no idea what to buy as a Valentine’s gift for your lover or business owners who are looking for gifts that are in trend on Valentine’s Day should not miss this content! This time, ACU PAY gathers spending trends and 10 popular gifts for Thai Valentine’s Day.


According to The 1 Insight and CRC VoiceShare, reveal the analysis of  Valentine’s Day 2024 for Thai people which shows the top 10 most popular gifts with outstanding sales growth from February 1 to 14, 2024 with similar trends seen every year.

Top 10 Most Popular Presents on Valentine's Day

  1. Roses: An eternity symbol of love +400%
  2. Teddy Bears: A classic gift refers to love and care +180%
  3. Jewelries: A special gift +95%
  4. Wrist Watches: A symbol of precious time +59%
  5. Perfume: A gift indicates taste and attention +50%
  6. Chocolate: A popular snack representing love +47%
  7. Lipsticks: A gift to add more charm to the receiver +29%
  8. Underwears: A gift reflecting the romance +17%
  9. Handbags: A beautiful and durable gift +12%
  10. Wine: A gift for a romantic dinner +8%

The “Last-Minute Lovers” trend around the world reflects a fast-paced lifestyle, yet still focuses on the festival of love, with 90% of couples buying gifts during the last week before Valentine’s Day.

Factors influencing Valentine's gift spending behavior

Based on CRC VoiceShare data and a study on Visa Valentine’s Day spending behavior by YouGov in a sample of 2,006 people online in January 2024.

1. Time

Overall, the survey found that couples tend to prepare for gifts relatively on short notice. This is why the “Last-Minute Lovers” trend has emerged worldwide. 30% found that couples usually buy gifts only one day in advance, 60% bought a week in advance, 8% bought 1-6 months in advance and 2% bought 6 months or more in advance.

2. Budget

The survey found that 36% plan to buy Valentine’s gifts in a budget of 500 – 1,000 baht, 33% plan to buy in a budget of 1,000 – 3,000 baht, and 21% plan to buy gifts in a budget of 3,000 or more. 

3. The price and the quality of goods

According to the study, prices and discounts of 58% are important factors for consumers to choose where they want to buy Valentine’s gifts, followed by a variety and quality of products at 50%. In addition, they will also consider other factors such as promotion period or package at 30%, experience in previous purchases at 27%, and brand reputation at 21%.

4. Locations

In addition, more than 85% of the respondents prefer shopping at department stores because they are convenient and can receive products immediately. The remaining 15% purchases via e-commerce and social media channels.

In other aspects of Valentine’s Day celebrations for Thai people, more than 30% of the respondents are most concerned with Valentine’s Day. The popular activities for couples are dining out, shopping at department stores, and giving gifts.

More than 42% of respondents chose ‘Japanese restaurants’ as the number 1 location for Valentine’s Day, followed by ‘Thai restaurants’, at 27%, the most popular among Baby Boomers, and 10% chose ‘Italian restaurants’, the most popular for Gen Z people.

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