Quiet Luxury Trend, Simple but Luxurious.

When luxury fashion trends don’t have to shout with big logos, but just whisper in a low voice with fabric quality and sewing, they get goosebumps with luxury. The fashion trend that is on the rise in 2023 is ‘Quiet Luxury,’ or Luxury in Silent. What does this trend mean and what celebrities wear the clothes in this trend? Today’ ACU PAY will take you to get to know about this trend.

What is Quite Luxury?

According to Thomaï Serdari, director of fashion and luxury MBA courses at NYU, Quiet Luxury is high-quality clothing with a timeless design that is sophisticated yet simple. There will be no distinctive logo on the belt buckle or handbags such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton. 

Quite Luxury products will be clothes that do not shout out ‘I use a High-end brand name’ instead, it will whisper, ‘Simple beige clothes without logos are all High-end brands.

The famous fashion magazines like “Vogue” once said that Quite Luxury is a luxury in a quiet way, less solemn than the minimalist but more beautiful than the Normcore.

Why is Quiet Luxury so popular now?

Like other fashion trends which usually go round and round. For example, the Y2K pop-culture trend in 2022 has a unique design and focuses on the bright colors of clothes. Quiet Luxury, also known as ‘Stealth Wealth’, is an inverted picture of the past trend with its elegant style focusing on beige, white, gray, and black tones while promoting sustainable fashion. Fashion that emphasizes sustainability, preserving the world with the quality of long-lasting sewing that can be reused and worn frequently at every opportunity, reducing the production of fast fashion that is detrimental to the world.

The Quiet Luxury trend did not occur for the first time, but it started in 2008 amid the Great Recession from the volatile oil crisis to become a trend that has always dominated fashion.

What celebrities wear the clothes in this trend?

This style can be seen in HBO Max’s popular series Succession, a series that is famous for both the storyline and the fashion of the characters. The characters in the series are often dressed in plain colors, but they have a high-priced brand. Whether it’s a 600-dollar cashmere baseball cap or a plain dress, the sewing is very neat from Ralph Lauren which costs 2,490-dollar reflecting the rich society of the characters without any need to communicate richly with the brand name logo.

At the same time, the celebrity who is making this trend back to a current trend again is likely to be Gwyneth Paltrow with a legendary court dress, a simple, casual look without any logo but the clothes sparkle with amazingly expensive prices. Every look comes from well-known brands like Zegna, The Row, and Jill Sanders, who are renowned for their high-quality sewing and fabric. There are also celebrities who enjoy wearing this style, such as Kendall Jenner, a famous model and celebrity. Or even Meya Musk, the mother of the owner of SpaceX and Twitter billionaire Elon Musk, likes to dress in a stylish but casual manner.

That is the brief of the origin of Quite Luxury Trend, a luxury fashion brand without a brand logo that focuses on high-quality clothing, both in sewing and fabric. It is a trend that can be adjusted in everyday life and also helps in supporting sustainable fashion. What is your opinion about this trend? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.

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