Tax Calculating Apps

Taxpayable can fill in and edit the information for Tax filing from 31 March 2023 to pay for 2022 tax year. For those who have not filled in the information yet, ACU has apps which will help to calculate the tax for you. Also, ACU provides a manual that you can easily follow and use the apps. Let’s see what apps are provided for you.

1.RD Smart Tax

This app is directly created by the Revenue Department. This app was created to facilitate the convenience of taxpayers and ordinary people. It also informs users of news from the Revenue Department to users. This app can be downloaded both from Android and IOS. In the calculating part, users can mock the tax calculation in the app before the actual filing. It can calculate the tax for P.N.D 91/90/94. For those who have never registered to pay tax need to register before using the app.

2. iTAX

This app can connect to the Revenue Department. It can only calculate tax for P.N.D. 91/90. The highlights of this app is the easy language used in the app. It also gives advice about  tax planning which is perfect for people who want to reduce the tax payment. 

3. Chang Tax

The white-blue logo app which has 2 languages function for tax filing. This app can calculate tax and collect the tax information for users to check later. It also shows the remaining tax allowance for users. The overview is its simplicity and well usage.

4. PIT 90

This app is perfect for people who file tax for P.N.D 90. It will summarize and calculate tax for P.N.D in a very clear step and in detail. This app is suitable for those who like something casual because this app has a lovely design and is easy to use. In addition, there is also a channel to consult about accounting and tax filing.

5. Tax Instead

This app is for Android users only. It is perfect for calculating Administrative or HR department’s tax, as well as ordinary people. It will help you to calculate salary, bonus, commission etc. It will use that information to calculate and show users whether they need to pay tax or not. People who confuse and have never paid tax before should have this app. It is easy and convenient to use and it is colorful as well. Inside the app, there is a character that act as an assistant to help you calculate the tax.

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