Tourism made a comeback with a 30% increase in hotel prices!

After being closed for 2 years during Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand’s tourism became active again after the opening of the country recently. This pandemic has an impact on every field of all careers. However, the comeback of tourism increases the hotel price by 30% because a large number of tourists want to visit Thailand because of Thai food, traveling, hotels and tourist attractions. 

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit. As mentioned above, our country stands out in many ways, whether it is food or a lot of tourist attractions. Thus, tourists want to come to visit Thailand again because they are impressed by our country. 

The tourism industry is active again after the crisis of the pandemic. Right now, there are a lot of tourists who visit and spend their money in the country. As a result, domestic spending has increased, resulting in an improvement in the economy. In addition, the tourism sector is continuously active, and the room rates are expected to increase continuously as well. Especially since it has begun to show that Chinese tourists have high purchasing power, which is estimated to increase by 20-30 percent over last year. Also, hotel employees can receive higher remuneration and service charges after the hotel business was damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago.

Agoda survey shows that the objective to travel in 2023 ranked in the 1st place is for partying with friends and family members. The second is for mental health. The third is for enjoying food and arts. The fourth one is for adventuring and the fifth place is for celebrating.

Also, it encourages foreigners to do business which is causing the renting building business to increase. Even though there is a Work From Home policy during the pandemic, new generations seek more work opportunities where there is a work place with a relaxing place at the same time after the pandemic. It will also increase the opportunity to stimulate tourism and increase domestic spending.

The trend factor in the growth of the hotel business.

  • The official reopening of the country increased the number of tourists especially in the main tourist attractions such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket.
  • The main tourist target is Chinese tourists. At present, China has already opened its country, increasing the number of tourists.
  • The government has launched a series of activities to stimulate tourism such as travel bubble to enhance the convenience of tourists in Thailand.

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