The most beautiful railroad in the world must go once in a lifetime

Try changing your trip that intends to get to a destination to the trip that you do not pay attention to. Just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of nature along the way and be happy. This time, ACUPay will show you the most surreal beautiful railway route which is more beautiful than a painting. What are these routes? Let’s go!

Glacier Express, Switzerland

The railway route is considered to be the most beautiful and the slowest train in the world. Anyone who visits Switzerland should not miss Glacier Express, the route between Zermatt to St.Moritz/Davos which is more than 300 kilometers long. Inside the train, it is a large window glass that is ideal for viewing and offers a luxurious meal along the way. On the way, the train will run slowly through beautiful views past Andermatt in the Swiss Alps for more than eight hours. You can enjoy the beautiful view to the fullest.

Jacobite Steam Train, Scotland

It is the train that many people may be familiar with because the Jacobite once appeared as a Hogwarts Express train in the Harry Potter movies. This train will run a short distance between Fort William and Mallaig, a total of 135 kilometers round trip, and this train will only open in the summer. We’ll see a green, two-way scenery through valleys and freshwater seas with a classic railway atmosphere running on Scotland’s longest concrete bridge, Glenfinnan Viaduct, built in 1897. This bridge is also another filming location in Harry Potter.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Take Canada’s luxury tourist train. Inside the train is a glass dome room with a 180-degree view and excellent menu service by leading chefs. The railway runs from Vancouver to Lake Louise, which slowly climbs to the mountains to view the scenery of the mountain range. On the way, you’ll see a natural view of the high mountains covered with snow on top of the mountain, waterfalls flowing through it, and wild animals such as bears, deer, and hawks that come out for tourists to take pictures.

Kandy — Ella, Sri Lanka

Kandy to Ella Railway is known as the most beautiful railway in Sri Lanka, providing a 140-kilometer route from Kandy to Ella and takes about 7 hours. The train is in a lovely blue color. This railway was originally built by the British government to transport tea leaves and coffee from the top. Along the way, we’ll see most tea plantations surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and rural villages in Sri Lanka. Since this train has no air conditioners, we will experience natural wind fully. Especially in the early winter, there will be a very good atmosphere. Anyone who loves relaxing should not miss this!

Pacific Surfliner, United States

For anyone who’s tired of riding trains and only sees the green view of the forest and mountains, try taking the Pacific Surfliner train, because here it runs 564 kilometers along six southern California coasts. The route passes through key points such as San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo, small towns in California. The highlight of this railway route is that we can see the way through the glittering blue sea, the endless beach alternating with small mountains and many stops. Anyone who goes to California, U.S.A can try to take a ride on this train.

Rovos Rail's Namibia Safari, South Africa

The Rovos Railway is a way to see safari in Namibia. Through 3,219 kilometers of forest, it feels like watching a safari at a zoo but is more luxurious. You can sit and drink champagne while watching exclusive wild animals including zebras, deer, elephants, rhinos, and lions. You can see the wildlife in a pleasurable way. The railway starts in Pretoria, through Kimberley, the world’s largest diamond mine before turning into a giant blue water hole, stops by Windhoek before arriving at Walvis Bay, and also visits the museum to take pictures.

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

The longest train in the world with over 9,289 kilometers is the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia. This train will travel from Moscow across the Ural Mountains through the forest in the middle of the valley before reaching Vladivostok, and this trip takes up to 7 days. It’s a very rough route because this train crosses three countries which are Russia, Mongolia, and China. Not only do we see different views of nature, but we also experience the differences in

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