There are five free apps that will help you manage your business.

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There are five free apps that will help you manage your business. ​

Free application! For helping to manage every business to increase efficiency and manage productivity cost-effectively without increasing the cost of using the service, whether it be managing people, work, assets or even accounting. Which application is it? Let’s see.


HumanOS: Thai applications that are like HR assistants HumanOS is an application that helps manage human resources. It can be used for free by businesses that have no more than 10 employees. If you have more than that, you can choose a package to use. which has the necessary functions for employees and businesses in its entirety, whether it is an online leave, salary slip request, or work scheduling system, saving job information for automatic salary calculation and real-time reports is very suitable for today’s era.


 It is an application used by many countries and is very suitable for teamwork. Because this application is designed from the concept of Post-it in the form of a convenient application. and corrective management They are also able to store information. and work files as well.


It is an app that helps to manage assets in a business, which is very important. Therefore, Airtable is essential as a repository of business assets for easy budgeting. and calculate the duration of use or repair of things in business.


An application that helps with graphic work, online media to communicate, whether it is marketing communication or online marketing, In the present day, graphics work is very important. because, in addition to helping to attract attention, it is also something that will help consumers create a brand image as well.


help with accounting The highlight is that it is easy to use and not difficult to manage, so it is very suitable for businesses with limited human resources. because the account is very important. And it is quite a measure of whether the business will continue to operate or not. Because if we do not make an account in a format or are unable to recognize the number of income and expenses, they will be stuck with both the financial side that cannot assess the income and expenses. and future planning, including marketing, procurement,

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