Gym nerds and healthy people must love this application.

Gym nerds and healthy people must love this application.​

         Calorie counting is quite important for anyone on a diet. because it is a reference to the amount of food we eat. and metabolic rate each day. So, remembering how much you’ve eaten can be quite a hassle. Let’s take a look at an application that will help us count calories.


Calorie Diary

It’s a very useful app. There are various functions. convenient for users We can record the food we eat at each meal. can be calculated as a number of calories burned. The app is also like a personal coach that guides you through good health-related activities. Let us follow it easily every day, such as the number of steps that should be walked. The number of vegetables or fruits that should be eaten each day in the premium function.


 It is another app that is very good to use. because the design is easy to use. not only for calculating eating and exercising There are also selected menus such as KFC and Starbucks so that we can easily calculate and choose which menu to eat.

จด Calorie

Another very easy to use app. It is an app that is suitable for counting calories that we eat in a day. As much as we can eat, we can note it. and be able to set a reminder that you want to record at what time you want to record so that you don’t forget to record.


It is another app that has functions that are easy to use and not complicated; eat anything, then take notes; very convenient. for those who just want to keep a record of what they eat.


It’s easy to use, can calculate your eating, and calculate how many calories you eat. How many calories did you burn? can be selected according to the menu and exercise activities.

However, although we can count what we ate, But do not forget to think about the nutritional side. and balance the happiness from eating delicious food too.

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