Interesting Electronic Service Vocabulary

Today we are entering a digital world full of electronic devices, services, and technologies. Today we will introduce you to five electronic terms and explain what they mean. Let’s see.

Interesting Electronic Service Vocabulary​


Payment process between payer and transferee to payee incurred via e-Payment service provider of financial and non-financial institutions, whether transferring money spending via e-Wallet in the form of an application or credit cards or debit cards that aid in financial transactions. 


An e-Wallet is an electronic wallet, or A digital wallet, or online wallet, is in the form of an application that helps facilitate financial transactions such as online shopping and shopping at various department stores, restaurants, cafes, and many other services.


e-Money (Electronic Money) is the value of money that is recorded in electronic form (e.g., the computer chip in the card represents cash, or telephone network, or Internet network). Users have paid or topped up money in advance or through direct debits from bank accounts (pre-paid) to the service provider e-Money, also known as e-Wallet, which can be used to pay for a product or service at a shop accepting payment.


business operations by using electronic media Whether it’s buying, selling, or making payments, e-Commerce entrepreneurs who sell products or provide services use e-Commerce. I have a duty to pay tax.


 bank transactions through the Internet network, such as deposits, withdrawals, money transfers, or balance inquiries. Other names for e-banking include Internet Banking, Online Banking, and Electronic Banking. 

In 2021, e-Payment has a spending value of 459,374 billion baht, an increase of 16,170 billion baht from 2020, with 7,266,785 thousand payment transactions, representing 54.25% from 2020.
And in 2017, it increased by 5 times from 4,199,867 thousand transactions. The e-wallet has a spending value of 467,179.74 million baht, an increase of 157,626.25 million baht from 2020, or 50.92%.

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