Tips to fix dry lips

Who’s experiencing any annoyance with dry, cracked, peeled lips? If you have a problem like this, listen up, because today ACU PAY is going to tell you the tips to fix your dry lips and keep your lips soft, moist, and healthy.

What does dry mouth be like?

Dry mouth or dry lips, lack of moisture, can occur to everyone because the lips do not have fat glands that create oil to protect the skin like other parts of the skin. If there is a lack of good care, it may cause dry lips. 

Frequently leaving your lips dry will make them begin to peel into sheets, and if anyone likes to pull out the dried lips, it will result in a wound with blood dripping. The longer they are left dry, the more wrinkles will be formed. your lips will have grooves, and there are cracks, making you look old before age and have a dark lip color and black marks as well.

These symptoms not only make your mouth look ugly and make you look like you have a bad personality but also cause pain and affect your daily life such as feeling sting on your lips. In the worst cases, other complications may follow, such as infectious wounds, inflammatory lips, and long-term effects on the oral cavity.

How to make your dry lips healthy again

1. If we don’t want something bad to happen to our lips, we should pay attention to our lips. There are many ways to take care of your lips to look plump and moist and you can do it yourself as follows:

2. Drink enough water

The body needs water to keep it hydrated, especially office workers who work in air-conditioned rooms because cold air can cause dehydration. Therefore, drink plenty of water because the lips are a part that is relatively easy to lose moisture.

3. Scrub your lips

Lips scrubbing is another way to keep your mouth soft, moist, and healthy. Scrubbing helps to remove dead skin cells. It helps keep your mouth smooth and not darkened, reducing the possibility of dry and cracked lips. You should scrub your lips 2-3 times a week. 

4. Do not lick your lips

Licking one’s lips often dries your lips up fast because saliva draws moisture out of the lips, cracking and darkening the dry mouth. Therefore, you should stop licking your mouth immediately.

5. Always put on lip balm

Putting on lip balm or chapstick to help moisturize the lips, thus relieving dry mouth and no peeling symptoms. You can apply it on your lips as frequently as you want to keep your lips moisturized.


  1. Observe an allergic reaction

It may be caused by an allergic reaction to lipsticks, toothpaste, and mouthwash. If you feel itchy or dry, it is a sign of an allergic reaction. You should stop using or changing the product. 

6. Eat food that contains vitamin

Eat foods containing vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C in the appropriate amount. It can also increase moisture in the lips, such as green leaf vegetables, brown rice, nuts, and liver, or eat foods with high levels of sulfur to make the lips moist and more firm such as garlic and eggs.

See, keeping your lips healthy and not dry lips isn’t that hard. Anyone who doesn’t want to experience this kind of problem or wants to recover from these symptoms can try and follow these mentioned ways. Your lips will definitely be healthy again.

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